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QR Code

What Is A QR Code?

This includes a machine-readable matrix code that eCommerce businesses use to store URLs or any other information for customers to retrieve using smartphone cameras. Look at QR codes the same way as product bar codes in supermarkets, which contain distinct information.

How Does QR Code Work?

As mentioned earlier, a QR code works like a typical product label barcode in the supermarket. Consumers can scan the code using their smartphone cameras to turn the information into human-readable texts or redirect the user to a website.

How To Use QR Codes In eCommerce in 2022-2023?

QR codes are becoming increasingly important in eCommerce operations as the usage of smartphone devices increases too. Primarily, these codes help online businesses market their products efficiently by seamlessly connecting the physical buyer to the digital store.

Here are some ways of using QR codes in eCommerce in 2022 and beyond:

  • Redirect users to all your social media handles;
  • Redirect customers to your eCommerce site;
  • Redirect users to information guides when placed in product packages;
  • Redirect customers to the google maps of your physical store location;
  • Coupon codes for customer loyalty programs.

Benefits Of Using QR Codes In eCommerce

Experts see a QR code as the future of marketing information dissemination, given that consumers are not going to slow down on their online shopping habits.

Here are some of the benefits of using QR codes in eCommerce:

  • QR code data is actionable because you can edit and track it;
  • No significant resources are needed to create a code;
  • Enhances shopping experience when accessing information;
  • Ideal for future marketing campaigns research and planning;
  • Swift qualified sales lead generation.

QR Code Generator Examples

Are you looking for a way how to create a QR code? Regardless of your use, which can be marketing or simply sharing product information with consumers, you can leverage a QR code generator to create one.

Here are some of the best online generators for QR codes:

  • Visme design software for static codes;
  • Beaconstac generator for multi and omnichannel campaigns;
  • QRCode Monkey free QR code generator;
  • Logaster brand identity builder;
  • QR Stuff for static and dynamic QR code generation.

Frequently Asked Questions About QR Code

How to create QR code?

Now that you understand what is a QR code, how can you create it in the first place? Well, you can do that in two main ways. One, use Google’s Chrome to generate the QR code of any site by sharing it in the QR code format. Alternatively, you can leverage an online generator.

How to scan QR code?

Users can scan any QR code with the basic camera on their smartphone gadgets. Open the camera and move it to capture the whole code and the phone will automatically display the underneath text or redirect you to a website.

Who invented the QR code?

Hara Masahiro, an engineer at Denso invented this technology about 25 years ago.

How big does a QR code need to be?

Technically, you can create a QR code and make it as large as you wish. However, the standard size of a code is usually 2×2 cm.

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