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What Is Taxonomy?

Product Taxonomy is a hierarchy where products are grouped into different categories, according to their attributes.

Why Is Taxonomy Important?

Data taxonomy is vital in business because:

  • It allows online shoppers and businesses to find products quickly.
  • It streamlines the shopping experience.
  • It prevents shoppers from leaving the site prematurely and empty-handed in case they have limited shopping time, boosting sales.

What Are Some Taxonomy Examples?

One of the most basic taxonomy examples is when you log onto an apparel website. You will find women’, men’, and kids’ categories. When you click on any of those categories, you will notice that they are subdivided further. For instance, you will find a dress, blouse, and skirt categories in the women’s section. On the other hand, the men’s section will be narrowed down to shirts, t-shirts, and pants.


Frequently Asked Questions About Taxonomy

What is the taxonomy synonym?

Product categorization is the taxonomy synonym.

Who created taxonomy?

Carolus Linnaeus is the founder of Taxonomy.

What is the purpose of taxonomy?

Taxonomy levels aim to:

  • Promote an excellent customer experience by helping retailers and consumers find products quickly.
  • Help businesses boost sales by streamlining and personalizing the shopping experience.

Which product taxonomy should I use?

The taxonomies to use depend on your scope of business. To ensure you get it right, you can enlist help from a taxonomist.

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