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What Is Wishlist?

A wishlist is an eCommerce website feature that allows consumers to save items that piqued their interest. It’s a collection of products that a user may or may not buy in the future.

Wishlist Best Practices In eCommerce

There are several suggestions that can improve the feature for any web store:

  • Make it easy to add to a wish list and access wishlist items.
  • Make it mobile-friendly, so consumers can access it on any device.
  • Provide the possibility to create several lists, so users can categorize desired products.
  • Enable guest user wish list shopping, so you don’t turn away customers with yet another registration.
  • Offer alerts about enlisted product discounts and returning out-of-stock items.
  • Enable social media sharing.

Wishlist Benefits For eCommerce Websites

Allowing customers to save products for future reference offers the following benefits to online stores:

  • Reduced returns. Since current consumers have the time to select items and think about them, they make better purchasing decisions.
  • Better shopping experience. Customers can categorize products by need, select ones they want to buy later, or ones that aren’t in stock at the moment.
  • Improved personalization. An online wishlist helps get a better understanding of customer preferences, so you can, for instance, offer better recommendations.

How Do You Add A Wishlist On a Website?

All major website builders like Shopify and WordPress offer apps, widgets, and plugins that allow you to add the feature to your shop.

For example, if you go to Shopify’s app store, you can find several wishlist creator apps. Each has a demo preview for you to make sure it supports the best practices highlighted above.

How A Wishlist Helps To Get Customers To Engage

Shoppers often use wishlists for items they intend to buy on a certain occasion. For example, it can be a collection of Christmas gifts. Or indeed a list of things they want for their birthday, so they can share it with family and friends.

Another way is itemizing the products they’re interested in but would rather wait for a discount. A good eshop wishlist will send a notification when a list item is on sale.

Challenges Of Using Wishlist

The main challenge is forgetfulness. Buyers frequently get distracted and forget what items they put on the list, or that they have one at all.

Another issue is that wishlists delay the time to purchase. Customers may check on their lists and price changes, but never actually buy anything.


FAQ about Wishlist

How many items should there be on a wishlist?

There’s no secret maximum wishlist size. However, the more positions you allow, the more space customers have for unfinished purchases.

Wishlist or shopping cart?

A wishlist is more convenient for saving products that may be out of stock, or you want to buy on a special occasion. Keeping products in the shopping cart only works for a little while to delay a purchase.

Can people see your wishlist?

Other people can only see your wishlist if you share it and make it public.


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