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Product Description

What Is a Product Description?

A product description is a marketing data that provides necessary details about items and explains why they are worth buying. A good product description is interesting and easy to read, takes into account the buyer persona and motivates customers to purchase.

Product Description Example

Here are three highly converting description examples:

  • Laptop case: educates the customers about the used materials, which is more engaging as it tells a story.
  • Treat dispensing toy: answers a specific customer’s pain – such as“ what difficulties you can face while taking care of a puppy”.
  • Gas grill: provides a list of features along with their benefits, such as “side tables for placing serving trays.”

Product Description Template

A product description includes a product title, brand name, functions, physical and technical features, and a call to action. It should also include what issues it solves, the product difference from similar products or previous models, and what values it offers.

Getting Read-Made Product Descriptions Easily

You can get product descriptions from a Content Service Provider (CSP). Such product description generators aggregate information from different vendors, improve characteristics, and enrich descriptions with content, like pictures and videos.

Some popular examples are Icecat, GFK Elitize, and Nilsen Bradbank.

Why Is a Product Description Important?

Every product needs a description because more than 80% of customers do their research before deciding which item to buy. For eCommerce companies, providing a catalog with rich content means a better experience for customers. Ultimately, you’ll retain more loyal customers.

Product Descriptions Best Practices

  • Use SEO best principles and relevant keywords for easier search.
  • Remember that you’re addressing your content to real humans with real emotions, not robots.
  • Add relatable customer reviews.
  • Make sure that your product descriptions maintain the brand tone of voice.


Frequently Asked Questions About Product Description

What makes a good product description?

A good product description is one that helps shoppers get a good idea of something they can’t physically touch or try on. That’s why it should offer features and characteristics. But it should also be interesting and motivating, so customers consider the call to action.

How to write a product description that persuades?

The crucial elements of persuasive writing are understanding the buyer persona and the emotion you want to invoke in them. The tone of voice should be warm and welcoming, so a customer doesn’t feel like you’re simply trying to sell.

What is a bad product description example?

A bad product description doesn’t provide any value, has typos and grammar errors, and sounds too salesy chant. For example: “The only rice cooker you ever need. Satisfaction  guaranteed.”

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