Efficient Product Information Management


Buyers have so many options to choose from, that it is a struggle for eCommerce businesses to stand out from the competition. While for consumers it’s a challenge to find the brand they can trust. What makes the difference in being successful here is the blend of elements to have enticing and optimized product content. The main goal of the eCommerce business nowadays is to deliver product content for their customers. But, how can we do that?

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The Best Way To Share Product Content To Retailers

Nowadays, brands have to adapt all their product descriptions to sales channels’ requirements and deliver them via email, portals, or API.
Product Information Management Guide

Guide's Key Topics

  • Why Product Information Matters;
  • How to Provide Customer With Great Experience;
  • Best Way to Share Product Content to Retailers;
  • 4 Signs You Need PIM System;
  • Key Advantages of PIM for Brands;
  • Calculate PIM ROI.
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