Crafting Ecommerce Product Content That Sells

Product Information for Ecommerce Channels Challenge

Quality product detail pages are the price of gold in e-commerce: they help products stand out in search engines to get relevant customers, and assist shoppers on a digital plane. And solely relying on a manual workflow has been proven ineffective by hundreds of ecommerce companies. In this e-book, we will provide you with automation strategies for the main processes of product content management. As it is important to create rich product content, no lesser value goes for effective product data distribution from a brand to the retailer (or marketplace). We will cover data delivery tactics at the end of the material.
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This e-book covers materials to guide content and ecommerce channel managers through the product content creation process for e-commerce websites and marketplaces. We will provide a range of topics from How to Write Product Description and Product Images for Ecommerce Websites, including where you can get the ready-to-go options and how you can push those to the resellers and marketplaces while complying with the requirements of each. Find an extensive guide on Content Creation Tools to work with Product Page and other automations much needed in an ecommerce world.

Download this free copy and learn:

  • How to Write Product Description. Tips and Templates
  • Product Images for Ecommerce Websites: Best Practices
  • Where to Get Product Images and Descriptions
  • How to Take Product Images for Website?
  • Content Creation Tools for an Ultimate Product Page (Tools for Images, Writing Tools, Content Management Platforms, SEO and Website Audit Tools, Tools for Better Product Search, CSPs (Content Service Providers), Content Distribution Tool)
  • Checklist for a Top-Rate Product Content
  • Automating Product Content Push to Retailers and Marketplaces