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Anna Mrynska
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Anna Mrynska
Business Analyst at Gepard
Cyril Dorogan Gepard PIM E-Commerce Consultant
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Gepard Features Hub: PIM Tool For eCommerce Product Data Enrichment

5 min read
Published: August 21, 2023
Updated: September 19, 2023

Welcome to Gepard Features Hub, your principal source for unraveling the potential of the Gepard PIM tool for effective eCommerce data management. Our next stop is discovering an automated product data enrichment solution offered by Gepard PIM. How does it work, how can eCommerce benefit from it, and how to measure the benefits of product data enrichment?

What Is Gepard Product Content Enrichment?

Gepard Product Content Enrichment is an eCommerce solution that comes up with various features for optimizing product data, improving its quality, correctness, and compatibility, and upgrading the overall shopping experience.

How Product Data Enrichment Works?

How do Gepard product data enrichment services work? We broke down this process into components to help you better understand each stage of eCommerce content enrichment.

Step Description
Step #1: New data import The process starts with receiving product information from data suppliers (it could be brands, sellers, manufacturers, or content providers) or using your already existing product data and transferring it to the Gepard PIM tool.
Step #2: Content transformation The next step is transforming the received content to your own needs and requirements. Your data will go through filtering and will become better structured for further use. You can categorize your product information according to your product taxonomy, for more optimized enrichment. Also, at this stage, it’s possible to revise the data formats and convert them to the ones most suitable for you.
Step #3: Data enrichment Now it’s time to get to the data enrichment itself. At this stage, you can incorporate product information from third parties, such as content providers, brands, manufacturers, or any other possible connections, offered by Gepard.

In such a way, you’ll get the most wholesome and accurate information about each product you sell. Gepard validation techniques will check content accuracy and banish any duplicates or inconsistencies. In addition, you can always be sure of getting the most compelling content that sells within days.

Step #4: Content distribution At this stage, the enriched (and validated!) data is ready to go live. You can publish it in your own online store or distribute it to any endpoint (marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, business messengers, or your own internal systems) with the help of Gepard Syndicator.

Critical Features and Benefits Of Gepard Product Data Enrichment Solution

So we’re done with the technical part of this service, now how to measure the benefits of product data enrichment? Here are the critical pros of using the Gepard PIM tool for your data enrichment.

  • Errors & inconsistencies elimination

According to Gartner, poor data quality costs companies an average of $12.9 million a year. A pretty impressive number, right? Especially considering that your company is most likely contributing to these statistics. This highlights the importance of eliminating each possible product data error and inconsistency. Gepard’s thorough data check process automatically eradicates data errors and helps you reduce manual work and refine your product information management.

  • Data validation for content accuracy

Gepard, as some of the best tools for product data enrichment, ensures content validation: your content is automatically checked for incorrectly completed or missing fields. The solution might find out that your product description is missing category details, size information, or certificates for specific types of products. With all the required and validated data in place, the chances of your eCommerce being discovered are significantly increasing.

  • Duplicated entries removal

Your customers deserve the most reliable product content, but so do search engines: duplicates are not subject to penalty by Google, but it does lead to a loss of rankings and this is a reason to eliminate any replicated data. Withdrawing any data duplication is a part of the Gepard Data Enrichment Service.

  • Incorporation with content providers

Content providers are some of the most trusted data suppliers for eCommerce players. They work with a variety of brands, sellers, and manufacturers and get the most relevant and up-to-date information about hundreds of thousands of products. A part of the Gepard PIM tool is connecting your business with reliable content providers such as Tradeplace, and Icecat, and offering you top-level product data directly from suppliers to your online stores.

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Examples Of Content Enrichment With Gepard PIM Tool

Let’s get to practice and review how Gepard helped key eCommerce players with automated product data enrichment.

MediaMarkt: Integration with the top content provider for enriched content

MediaMarkt, the eCommerce giant with more than 800 sizeable stores and a popular platform for electronics, experienced a challenge with getting accurate and precise product listings for their digital shelf. Moreover, all the tasks, such as data corrections and checks were done manually before being published to be put in place with MediaMarkt requirements.

Gepard PIM Enrichment Tool helped the retailer by automatically collecting product data from the Icecat content provider, processing the content, and then adapting it to the product taxonomy, required by MediaMarkt. It’s been years and the retailer keeps using Gepard’s automated data enrichment service to expand to new locales, add new brands and update existing product listings.

Elkjop: Data enrichment for the multilingual retailer

Elkjop is the leading omnichannel retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances in Nordic countries and Europe. They were struggling with getting top-rated content from brands and smaller retailers that will be not just up-to-date and correct, but also compliant with Elkjop’s highly-specific content structure. In addition, there was a challenge with product content localization: the retailer needed multi-language support for brands’ product descriptions (English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish).

With the Gepard PIM tool, brands and manufacturers could establish a smooth integration with Elkjop, which enabled seamless content transformation and data push to the Elkjop platform. Gepard’s intelligent data mapping allowed brands to adjust their product information to Elkjop’s complex taxonomy. Then, the easy-to-use interface allowed brands and manufacturers to send their product listings to any of Elkjop’s supported locales. In this Gepard Elkjop case study, you can delve into the details of eCommerce integration with this leading European retailer.

Product Data Enrichment FAQs

What product data enrichment services can eCommerce business use?

eCommerce businesses have a lot of data enrichment services at their disposal. These can be:

  • tools for content creation and improvement (such as writing assistants or product description generators);
  • image optimization tools;
  • product attributes standardization, localization or API integration (Gepard PIM also offers these enrichment features);
  • integration of user-generated content, and many more.

What are the best tools for product data enrichment?

There’s a rich selection of eCommerce product data enrichment services and businesses can find the best that fit their specific business needs, budget, and complexity of their product catalog. Usually, PIM tools like Gepard, with data enrichment features are the best choice for companies, because, apart from this option, they can offer data standardization, validation, and digital shelf analytics.

Apart from that, there are more specific data enrichment tools, such as content optimization instruments, visual enhancement, tools for integration of user-generated content, market trends systems, and much more.

What is B2B data enrichment?

When it comes to business-to-business operations, data enrichment refers to refining and expanding the quality, correctness, and wholeness of the existing business-related information. B2B organizations use automated data enrichment tools to supplement the already existing information about company details, contacts, technologies, and market trends by adding accurate info from external sources.

For example, a B2B company selling DAM solutions for digital startups has a list of leads, however, it lacks the info about their revenues and size. This is where B2B data enrichment is required: a company might find out that some of the leads are the prospective growing startups that are their perfect target audience, and the DAM product, offered by a company, can facilitate the growth of their potential client. With the proper data enrichment, B2B companies can create more customized messaging, prioritize outreach efforts, schedule more personalized demonstrations, and overall shorten the sales cycle and create more meaningful B2B relationships.

Gepard PIM Tool: Flawless Data Enrichment for Your eCommerce

Now that we sorted out the details about the Gepard PIM enrichment service, it’s time for you to decide whether you want to boost your business with top-grade product content. Fill in the contact form, and our eCommerce specialist will provide you with an in-depth consultation about Gepard data enrichment services.

Anna Mrynska
Written by Anna Mrynska
Business Analyst at Gepard
Seasoned and dedicated expert with over 8 years of experience in IT across business domains. Has a proven track record of understanding and translating customer ideas and requirements into actionable project plans.

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