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Gift Registry

What Is Gift Registry?

 A gift registry is a list of desired present items from a certain online store related to a particular occasion or event. This list is created by the intended gift recipients and sent to their guests.

How Does Gift Registry Work?

  • The client registers online or at the store department.
  • They create a list of what they would like to have.
  • The client sends this list of items to people who will buy presents.
  • Persons who want to send a gift can see the desired commodities.
  • They buy and send presents to the recipient.

Online Gift Registry Advantages

  • Increasing the income of your eCommerce store.
  • Standing out from competitors.
  • Building a large customer base.
  • Helping customers solve the problem of choosing presents.
  • Increasing your brand awareness and loyalty.

Examples Of Events For Using Gift Registry

There is a wedding gift registry, childbirth, Christmas, anniversary, graduation, birthday gift registry, etc.

Amazon Gift Registry – How It Works

First of all the Amazon customer sets up the registry and shares the list with family and friends. Items that the family and friends chose and bought will be marked “purchased” so that there are no duplicates. Also, other people can search for your registry by your name or email address.

Target Gift Registry – How To Use

First of all, you need to add the desired goods you want as a gift from Target and other websites. Those who will give you presents can shop your registry online or pick up their gifts at a store near them. After that, you can see who gave you what present, and who you’ve already thanked.


Gift Registry FAQ

What are some examples of marketplaces providing a gift registry feature?

Amazon, WooCommerce, Kohles, Lowes, Bye Bye Baby, Bloomingdales, Walmart gift registry.

How do I create a gift registry?

First, you need to create an online gift registry of what they would like to have. After that, you need to send this list of items to people who will buy gifts. They buy and send gifts to you and you enjoy that you get everything you want.

How many gifts do you get in a registry?

It’s up to you – you can make a list of 5 wishes, or 500 ones. The more choice of gifts, the better for those who are going to give them.


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