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Gift With Purchase

What Is GWP (Gift With Purchase)?

A GWP, or Gift With Purchase, implies offering clients freebies for buying more products or adding specific items to a cart. GWP promotions can help businesses to drive sales, strengthen client loyalty, and encourage repeat orders

Free GWP Benefits

For businesses, GWP helps move inventory, boost customer engagement, and boost sales. By offering a freebie, clients are encouraged to buy more, thus increasing the average transaction value. Additionally, GWP can help create a sense of urgency, as clients feel compelled to take advantage of the limited-time offer.

The key benefit of Gift with Purchase Promotion for your prospects is that not only do they receive something extra, but also feel appreciated and valued by the business. This leads to increased client/user satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat purchases, as well as helps followers discover new products or try items they may have not considered before.

Free Gift With Purchase Example

There are numerous free gifts with-purchase examples:

  • Beauty retailers, such as Sephora, often give free samples or deluxe-sized products once you spend “enough” for their products;
  • Clothing stores, like Victoria’s Secret, give away a tote bag or accessory for buying underwear or robes from a specific collection;
  • Electronics retailers, such as Best Buy, might provide free accessories or peripheral items with the purchase of a specific device.

The key to an on-point, winning GWP promo is coming up with gift with purchase ideas that complement the main offer and provides additional value to clients.

How To Offer GWP To Customers

Choose the right gift. Really think twice about every option and consult the lowest sales link personnel to get more customer insights on what they would be really lured by.

Set a minimum purchase requirement. Decide how much your clients should spend or what exactly they should buy to qualify for the GWP. If you are looking to push a specific product this season — add it there!

Promote the offer through all the marketing channels to have a good turnaround. This will enhance awareness and boost sales.

GWP (Gift With Purchase) FAQ

What to offer as a GWP to increase repurchases of this item?

Offer a free sample or trial-sized version of the product. If what you sell is good, clients will come back for a full-sized thing. Alternatively, give a complementary accessory that enhances the experience with the original item.

Can I upsell something by offering GWP?

Yes, GWP promotions can be an effective strategy for upselling. You create an additional value for the expensive offer people normally are reluctant to buy. It may be that last convincing argument to splurge!

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