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What Is GTIN?

Global Trade Item Number is a series of distinctive digits that are generated by GS1 and is used to pinpoint merchandise and services in the global supply chain. This number is recognized all around the world and, where applicable, it is placed next to the item’s barcode.

What Is GTIN Example?

00012345678905 is an excellent example.

What Types Of GTIN There Are?

Four types exist. They have varying lengths of numbers and depend on the type of product and its place of origin. They are namely:

  • GTIN-8 – has eight digits, is ideal as an EAN-8 barcode, and used for small products.
  • GTIN-12 – contains twelve digits and is ideal as a UPC-A barcode
  • GTIN-13 – contain thirteen digits and is ideal as an EAN-13 barcode
  • GTIN-14 -contains fourteen digits and is ideal as ITF-14 or GS1-128 barcode

Why GTINs Are Important For eCommerce?

  • eCommerce websites to deliver more accurate results after a consumer initiates a search query;
  • Product comparisons, which help consumers make better buying decisions;
  • Sellers increase conversions since their products will appear among other similar products after a search;
  • Consumers find relevant products with ease, elevating the shopping experience;
  • Streamlines the global supply chain.

How Do You Get A GTIN Number?

Brands need to generate their distinctive barcodes. To do this they will merge their GS1 company prefix (if you don’t have one, you can apply for it through the GS1 website) and the item’s reference. You need to also assign a check digit, which you can easily generate using an online check digit calculator.

Alternatively, you can buy barcodes from GS1 or ask for permission from its owner to use a listed one. Otherwise, you can also appeal to be exempted from using them.


Frequently Asked Questions About GTIN

What is a difference between GTIN and UPC?

A UPC is a special trade item identifier that is classified under GTINs. Other examples of the latter include EAN, JAN, and ISBN.

When can you apply for a GTIN exemption?

Such exemptions are only possible if you are the original manufacturer of the merchandise, the items do not have these codes, or you want to sell bundled products.

What if a product doesn’t have a GTIN?

Appeal for an exemption before listing.

Is SKU same as GTIN?

No. These codes are accepted across the world and do not change throughout the global supply chain. However, for SKUs, these special digits change from one brand to the other.

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