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What Is ISBN?

International Standard Book Number is a set of 13 globally recognized unique numeric barcodes that helps readers recognize each edition of a published book. That means that if an author publishes the book’s hard copy and later releases its e-book version, they will both have different ISBNs.

Who Is An ISBN Code For?

ISBN code is ideal for publishers. Additionally, it is essential for booksellers and other retailers who are part of the book distribution supply chain.

ISBN 10 vs.13

ISBN 10 was the older system that was used to identify books. Its barcodes were 10 digits long while ISBN 13 is the updated system that is currently in use that features 13 numeric digits. ISBN 10 barcodes were declared void on 31st December 2006.

How To Get An ISBN Code

You need to send an application request to the relevant agency in your region. Even if the book is published in another language that differs from what is spoken locally, you will apply for the barcode at an agency where you currently reside.

Applications call for publishers to divulge details on the author’s name, the title and format of the book as well as other particulars such as their names and contact.

Does The ISBN-13 Have Any Meaning Imbedded In The Numbers?

Yes. The numbers represent the book’s format, edition, title, publisher, the country where it was published.

Frequently Asked Questions About ISBN

How long does it take to get an ISBN?

Once the relevant national body receives the request, you can expect your code in 5 business days. However, there are instances that call for speedier processing, which will only take 2 days.

What is the difference between a barcode and ISBN?

A barcode is a unique numeric value that is designed to be read by barcode scanners, for the purpose of knowing products and their manufacturers. As for an ISBN, this is just a number that helps readers pinpoint the specific edition of a published book.

How to search for an ISBN code?

You can conduct an ISBN lookup on any ISBN database on the internet.

Who assigns ISBNs to a publisher?

The national ISBN agency where they reside.

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