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What Is Icecat?

Icecat is an internationally approved open catalogue that publishes and syndicates product content from manufacturers, making it available to retailers, suppliers, review sites, and online shopping directories.

Who Needs Icecat’s Product Content Catalog

Some of the industries that can hugely benefit from the Icecat product catalogue include:

  • Electronics
  • IT
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Office supplies
  • Lighting
  • Fashion
  • Home Appliances
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment and many more.

How Does Icecat Work?

Icecat collaborates with manufacturing companies, gaining access to their product portfolios, which they standardize. Editors will work on the data, standardizing, and presenting them in datasheets that are easily digestible. Hence, Icecat purpose is to allow users to filter, search, compare, implement, and categorize the products with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions About Icecat

Who uses Icecat's Product Content?

Brands in the IT, Toy, Electronics, Telecom, Lighting, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Beauty, and office supply industries can use Icecat.

How to start using Icecat product content?

To view and use the catalogue, you need to seek the services of a reputable Icecat service provider who will integrate it with your existing systems. After successful integration, the data will be available at your desired eCommerce channels. Your service provider will manage the content, updating them as the need arises.

How many products are there in Icecat's database?

Icecat works with over 24,000 organizations and contains over 500,000 datasheets.

What are some brands examples using Icecat product content?

Examples of reputable brands enjoying successful Icecat integration include; Fujitsu, 3M, Casio, L’Oréal, Acer, Pamper, Symantec, Braun, Corel, Buffalo, Kaspersky, TP Link, and many more.

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