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New Retail

What Is New Retail?

New Retail (NR) is an industry term referring to the integration of online and offline shopping experiences. It is a fresh approach that seeks to make use of technology to create a seamless shopping journey.

New Retail Origins & Concepts

NR draws on ideas from traditional omnichannel retailing but takes it to the next step by breaking down the divide between physical and digital sales channels. It focuses on each prospect’s interests, peculiarities, and expectations, using demographic data and purchase history for a more tailored approach.

A New Retail concept is arising from the technology-driven business model for a holistic experience. It is about using technology to create convenience, personalization, and affordability for clients, and automate and streamline operations for businesses.

Successful New Retail Examples

Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, and Walmart are some of the biggest names among New Retail stores. Amazon has its Amazon Go stores, which are fully automated and allow customers to shop without waiting in line or going through a checkout counter. Apple and Alibaba are also pushing the boundaries by introducing cashier-less stores and leveraging AI for customer personalization. Walmart is also using New Retail technology to streamline processes and improve customer experiences.

New Retail Apps To Try

Looking for a great New Retail app to check out the technology? Here are a few:

  • Amazon Go: Amazon’s automated store allows customers to shop without waiting in line or going through a checkout counter.
  • Alibaba Taobao: Alibaba’s marketplace app enables customers to shop for goods from anywhere.
  • Apple Pay: Apple’s mobile payment app, uses touch ID and facial recognition technology for added safety.

New Retail Technologies

New Retail experience relies on a variety of technologies, including AI, IoT, Big Data, Block Chain, and Mobile Devices. AI-driven chatbots, robotic customer service, and facial recognition are all examples of AI in sales. IoT is used to track inventory, automate processes, and improve customer service. Big data gives a valuable perspective on customer behavior and trends. Blockchain secures customer data and reduces fraud.

Key Innovations Of New Retail

One key innovation is putting the physical and digital worlds together, with customers being able to shop anywhere and anytime. Automation and AI are also at the top of innovations, providing personalized customer service and allowing for process automation. Another innovation is predictive analytics, which helps to navigate trends and make data-driven decisions.

New Retail FAQ

What is the difference between ‘traditional’ omnichannel and NR?

Omnichannel retailing works through multiple channels: stores, websites, and mobile apps. NR is a more advanced form that fuses technology and data to create a unified shopping experience.

Is NR about merging online and offline?

Yes, NR relies on the most beneficial traits of both worlds. This way, customers don’t need to choose — they get everything, and they get it faster, cheaper, and tailored to their taste and lifestyle. Users interact with the brand through multiple touchpoints, without experiencing the gap between online and offline shopping.

What's the purpose of NR?

The NR’s purpose is to offer a new shopping experience that takes the best from its online and offline predecessors. It benefits both clients and sellers, and, if everything works, everyone gets the best results they could expect.

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