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Rich Content

What Is Rich Content?

Rich content includes intuitive media formats, such as video, sound, and images that encourage consumers to engage and interact with the underlying product/service when used simultaneously. That’s why you see white text ads that contain words, as well as displays with vivid pictures to attract more audience engagement.

Rich Content Examples

There are different types of rich media content that can help you engage and retain varying target audiences. They include:

  • website videos;
  • social media pictures;
  • infographics;
  • podcasts;
  • GIFs.

Other rich content examples include live streams from topical webinars.

Where To Use Rich Content

You can use rich content across all customer journey touchpoints in your business. For instance, high-resolution images can increase the visibility of your products on eCommerce sites. Virtual tour videos of your product can also help consumers understand it better, and even retain the buyers.

You can also optimize your manufacturer’s product manuals with rich media content to enhance the end-user experience. Other areas where rich content might add value include scanned marketing materials, such as catalogs, and on-site spreadsheets, such as forecasts and calculators.

How To Create Rich Content

Creating exclusive rich content is the goal of every business. You can start by studying your target audience to understand the rich content examples that they prefer to interact with, whether it’s pictures, videos, or animated GIFs. Studying your demographic will also help you establish the right rich content tone that will spur engagement. After that, reach out to your target audience through established media events or your company-sponsored media events. Content providers can be also a trustful source for obtaining rich content.

How To Manage Rich Content

Businesses can take advantage from rich content management (CMS) tools to manage their rich media files while ensuring a snappy performance for the end-users. Alternatively, you can use a PIM tool to enrich your content.

How To Enrich Product Data With PIM?

Frequently Asked Questions About Rich Content

Do I need a rich content editor to edit product content?

Yes, you might need a rich content editor to edit, optimize, and standardize your product content for a uniform experience across all sales channels.

How PIM helps to manage rich content

PIM helps to manage rich content by creating a primary source for collecting, managing, and enriching product data in eCommerce stores, as well as facilitating the distribution of the same across multiple sales channels.

Do I need DAM or MDM to manage rich content?

While DAM is a perfect fit for managing large amounts of digital assets, MDM facilitates exemplary UI applications for building flexible data models to manage rich content effectively. You can read more about these systems here.

Can I automate rich content management?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of innovative rich content services to automate your external and internal rich content management.

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