Rakuten: World’s Top Marketplace With Extensive Loyalty Program

Integrate with a world-leading marketplace, offering an extensive range of opportunities for consumer brands and helping to retain customers with engaging loyalty programs.

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Gepard PIM - Rakuten Connection Capabilities

  • Automate your product feed delivery to Rakuten;
  • Adjust your product content to match Rakuten product taxonomy;
  • Generate product feeds based on Rakuten's technical requirements;
  • Get product data in a well-structured CSV-formatted file;
  • Speed up your time-to-market with accurate product feeds;
  • Get regular updates of your product catalog to Rakuten.

What Is Rakuten Marketplace?

Founded in Japan, Rakuten marketplace, with a loyalty program at its core, is the world’s leading eCommerce platform. Its extensive membership and loyalty program proved effective for retaining customers within Rakuten’s extensive ecosystem.

This shop-centric marketplace grants sellers full control over their retail store, product content, and shopper experience. The uppermost Rakuten ecosystem offers a wide range of tools for customer retention and increased sales: from shopping events and marketing campaigns to the absolutely top-scoring Rakuten Points system. The marketplace allows sellers to extend over the most popular eCommerce segments and provides a cross-border reach without a need to create an entity in Japan.

Rakuten Benefits

  • Giving an extensive range of online and offline services accessible to the members;
  • Helping to retain customers with a common membership and loyalty program;
  • Encouraging user engagement across the marketplace;
  • Providing merchants with full control over their storefront and product pages;
  • Helping to minimize customer acquisition costs for each Rakuten member;
  • Offering AI solutions for accurate and safe data analysis;
  • Empowering users with tailored services and personalization.

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Utilize the Gepard PIM connector to smoothly deliver your product data feeds to Rakuten, and adjust your information to the technical requirements of the platform by setting up an integration with the Rakuten marketplace.

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