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Sofia Kondrat - Talented Content Manager At Gepard PIM
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Sofia Kondrat
Content Manager at Gepard
Cyril Dorogan Gepard PIM E-Commerce Consultant
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Gepard Features Hub: Digital Shelf Analytics For eCommerce

5 min read
Published: July 26, 2023
Updated: July 27, 2023

Welcome to the Gepard Features Hub, where cutting-edge technology meets the world of eCommerce to revolutionize the way businesses analyze and optimize their digital shelves. In today’s article, we will talk about Gepard digital shelf analytics, key features, and successful examples of companies that have used this digital shelf analytics tool. Let’s start 😎

What Is Gepard Digital Shelf Analytics?

Gepard Digital Shelf Analytics is a software solution designed to provide businesses with insights into their product performance and visibility across different online eCommerce platforms.

Key Features Of Gepard Digital Shelf Analytics

Comprehensive Dashboard

Digital Analytics

This dashboard allows you to easily detect shortcomings in your brand’s product content. The metrics are organized into scorecards, making it simple to navigate and view the relevant data. By clicking on the tabs within the tool, you can quickly access the specific metrics you want to analyze, helping you gain valuable insights into your product performance and online presence.

Completeness By Retailer

Gepard PIM Digital Shelf Analytics

Say goodbye to the laborious task of manually checking your product content across multiple retailers. Embrace the convenience of an automated tool that continuously monitors the completeness of your product information over time. This invaluable tool empowers your retailers to optimize and fine-tune your content, ensuring it reaches the level of perfection you’ve needed. With automation handling the monitoring process, you can focus on refining your brand’s online presence and delivering a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

Coverage By GEO

Gepard PIM Digital Shelf Analytics

With colors denoting percentage ranges of content completeness, you can quickly grasp how your brand is portrayed across various countries. Instantly identify any shortcomings in the availability of your product content in different languages. This intuitive tool grants you valuable insights, enabling you to bridge the gaps and ensure your content resonates with diverse audiences worldwide. Embrace the efficiency and clarity that comes with visualizing your product content data in an actionable and impactful way.

Average Product Completeness

Average product completeness

The scorecard presents an easy-to-understand visual representation, showcasing the average product completeness and percentage of how your product content covers the activated locales. With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can quickly assess the overall quality of your product content and identify areas that need attention in different regions. Simplify your analysis and decision-making process with this intuitive tool, empowering you to optimize your brand’s online presence and enhance customer experiences across the globe.

Digital Shelf Analytics Process

Step Description
Data Collection The first step in digital shelf analytics is collecting relevant data from various online platforms and marketplaces where your products are listed. This data may include product titles, descriptions, images, pricing, availability, and other relevant attributes.
Data Integration The collected data needs to be integrated into the Gepard Digital Shelf Analytics tool, ensuring that all the information from different sources is combined and organized in a coherent manner.
Data Processing and Analysis The tool processes and analyzes the integrated data to derive meaningful insights. It may use various algorithms to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in the product content.
Metrics Visualization The results of the analysis are then visualized in the form of easy-to-understand metrics and charts. These visualizations help users quickly grasp the strengths and weaknesses of their product content.
Scorecards and Tabs The tool organizes metrics into scorecards, which provide a summary of key performance indicators. Each scorecard might represent a specific aspect of the product content, such as pricing, availability, or product visibility. Users can access these scorecards by clicking on the corresponding tabs within the dashboard.
Identifying Shortcomings With the help of the visualized metrics, users can identify any shortcomings or areas of improvement in their brand’s product content. This may include issues like inconsistent pricing, out-of-stock products, poor image quality, or low search visibility.
Actionable Insights The Gepard Digital Shelf Analytics tool offers actionable insights based on the identified shortcomings. It may suggest strategies to optimize product content and improve overall performance in online retail environments.
Performance Tracking The tool provides ongoing monitoring and tracking capabilities, allowing users to measure the impact of their actions over time.

Gepard Digital Shelf Analytics FAQs

What is digital shelf data?

Digital shelf data refers to the collection of information and metrics that pertain to how products are presented and perform in online retail environments. It includes data on product attributes, such as titles, descriptions, and images, as well as pricing details and availability. This data is crucial for businesses to monitor their products’ online presence, analyze their performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their digital shelf strategy. By leveraging digital shelf data, companies can enhance product visibility, improve customer experiences, and stay competitive in the online marketplace.

What is a digital shelf strategy?

A digital shelf strategy is a planned approach that businesses adapt to optimize their product presence and performance in the digital retail space. It involves a set of tactics and actions aimed at improving product visibility, content quality, and overall online presentation. The strategy encompasses activities like monitoring and analyzing digital shelf data, ensuring accurate product information, managing pricing and promotions, and leveraging various marketing and advertising channels.

What is the best digital shelf analytics software?

The best digital shelf analytics software offer robust features, such as:

  • real-time eCommerce analytics;
  • product content management;
  • competitor tracking;
  • pricing intelligence.

A good digital shelf analytics software should help businesses to optimize their online presence and make data-driven decisions for improved performance in the digital retail landscape. To find the best fit, we recommend conducting research and reading recent reviews to assess the latest developments in this rapidly evolving industry.


Discover the convenience of Gepard digital shelf analytics, designed to effortlessly monitor your product listings and performance from a single, user-friendly interface. With this powerful tool, you can take complete control of your product content, leading to increased sales and peace of mind knowing that no crucial detail will slip through the cracks. Don’t miss out on this opportunity — schedule your complimentary personalized demo today and unlock the full potential of your online retail presence.

Sofia Kondrat - Talented Content Manager At Gepard PIM
Written by Sofia Kondrat
Content Manager at Gepard
Sofiia Kondrat is an experienced content writer and content manager, passionate about creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with readers. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of industry trends, Sofiia is dedicated to producing informative, well-researched content that helps businesses stay ahead of the curve. When she's not writing, you can find her doing music & singing, exploring the great outdoors, or planning her next travel adventure.

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