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Sofia Kondrat - Talented Content Manager At Gepard PIM
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Sofia Kondrat
Content Manager at Gepard
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Gepard Achievements 2019: In A Flow With Latest eCommerce Trends

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Published: January 3, 2020
Updated: March 29, 2023

To outline the goals for the year to come, we aim to reflect on progress achieved thanks to the clients throughout the year 2019. 

General update

We are happy to announce a substantial leap. The company took larger scales and has grown 74% in revenue, upgrading Gepard Platform to provide our clients with the first-rate experience.


Gepard Syndicator has largely improved over the course of years as we were constantly improving and sophisticating the workflow, taking the client’s challenges and transforming them into the trampoline for the evolution of our services.

Let’s look more precisely at what has been done: 

1) Gepard became one of the top E-comm companies at Berlin Expo Awards 2019, moving to the final round in the category “Innovation/New Development in E-comm”.

2) Gepard cooperated with Icecat to deliver product feeds to Amazon with an Icecat AFS Connector. As a result, vendors speed up product data syndication and transformation, applying all necessary product feed changes automatically on a regular basis. Learn the benefits of a program and how Gepard managed to deal with Amazon vendor’s challenge in the AFS Case Study.

3) Added and enabled a new feature: now Gepard Syndicator has an ability to automatically import the client‘s data model (taxonomy) to Gepard Platform (from JSON and XML format). How it works? We have an import engine for JSON, XML data-type which is then set up for client needs. This way we read the client’s data model and then do the mappings on its basis. Besides, we map сlient’s data model to one of a content provider. In the end, the client gets a product data feed compiled in their data structure and the format they need.

4) Upgraded Gepard B2B Ecommerce Platform, which helps B2B businesses deliver customizable experiences for each client.

5) Set up an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for Eden technologies.

6) Launched a custom HTML pages generator for Dell.

7) Helped out Rakuten marketplace to expand to one more locale (en).

8) Executed validation, import and export modules enhancements for GS1 fashion-base PIM portal.

9) Empowered HP sales on Lazada sales platform with product content syndication.


In the run of a year, Gepard Team took part in a few conferences (Webwinkel and GS1) and went to the final of Berlin Expo Awards. At Webwinkel we presented our solutions and had an opportunity to share our expertise with the top ecommerce representatives in the fields of Marketing, Logistics, E-Commerce, Online Business, E-Marketing, Digital Commerce and more. Whereas GS1 brought together trading partners, to learn deeper on the importance of using standards-based business processes for optimum efficiencies in managing the supply and demand sides of the value chain.

Gepard Team at Webwinkel Vakdagen in Netherlands


Sergey Shvets, CEO and founder at Gepard and Cyril Dorogan, Senior Partnership Manager at Gepard. Webwinkel Vakdagen, Netherlands, 2019

Setting goals for 2020

This year we want to keep stable growth, providing our customers with B2B Platform experience, product content transformation and syndication.

Brands are now taking care of supplying data to retailers

Sensing the new trends on a market (where brands are taking care of supplying data to retailers), we’ve started working on the new tool for brands, which will allow automating the product data transfer.

Brand’s Partner automation tool for data delivery in partner data model and format

A new solution: while first working with separate templates setups, we progressed to a complete self-sustained partner automation module development. An interface will be adapted to the brands’ specific needs. While working on a project, the team aimed to enable a feature that will make the process of data push to different partners (retailers) easily managed within a single environment. It would work as easy as this: form an excel file with product SKUs, upload it to the interface and get the product data mapped automatically.

In other words, Partner Automation tool allows a brand to log in to the common interface, select the channel partner and automatically push the products in partner’s templates. Channel partners, in their turn, can log in and download SKUs in custom templates.

Multi-tenant, Multi-portal B2B Webshop

Few more ambitions to accomplish: upgrade CP (Centralpoint) and IT Creations B2B Webshop Platforms. Both projects are gonna be based on a multitenant architecture. What’s its value? Using a single-core functionality, it allows vendors to sustain complex B2B scenarios and provide a personalized buying experience for every diverse customer, no matter how many are there (which is particularly important for a big retailer). Read more on about B2B Webshop Platform in the article 11 Features B2B Ecommerce Store Should Have.

Multi-tenant B2B Webshop Platform helps retailers:

  • Optimize costs on the development, support, and hosting of multiple webshops.
  • Implement new features faster.
  • Handle more than one customized B2B online shop.
  • Manage the complex relations with each customer individually.
  • Sync with the existing systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, RMA, communication and payment platforms, etc.).
  • Automate B2B processes.

We aim to adapt our solutions to clients’ needs at the highest professional level. Experiencing difficulties around product content delivery across different sales platforms and marketplaces while keeping up with their unique requirements? Don’t hesitate to contact the leaders in the niche.

Rise and shine to a new decade. Contact us to get a free demo and a personalized ecommerce solution.

Gepard PIM Solution for eCommerce

Sofia Kondrat - Talented Content Manager At Gepard PIM
Written by Sofia Kondrat
Content Manager at Gepard
Sofiia Kondrat is an experienced content writer and content manager, passionate about creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with readers. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of industry trends, Sofiia is dedicated to producing informative, well-researched content that helps businesses stay ahead of the curve. When she's not writing, you can find her doing music & singing, exploring the great outdoors, or planning her next travel adventure.

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