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Alina Virstiuk
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Alina Virstiuk
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How To Connect To Tradeplace – A Content Service Provider With Advanced Capabilities

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Published: October 11, 2021
Updated: February 17, 2023

Content service providers are the lifesavers for companies that want to thrive in eCommerce retail but cannot handle the massive amounts of product content. Explore the functions and possibilities of CSPs, learn how to use them for your business, and to sell more with less effort.

Who Are Content Service Providers?

Content Service Provider (CSP) is a company that offers brands and manufacturers such content services as generating, organizing, enriching, and delivering product information to different sales channels. CSPs locate product data on a cloud-based platform and make it accessible for various retailers.

Сontent Service Provider Example 

CSP market is growing steadily and is represented by a wide range of content service platforms. Below are some of the most popular CSPs.


Icecat is the worldwide open free product catalog that offers full product content services. It syndicates product data, analyzes brands’ performance, and offers free product content distribution to help the customers make the right decision about their online purchase.


Tradeplace is a leading content as a service provider that enables retailers and trade partners to easily communicate with manufacturers. The real-time ERP integration of this CSP with manufacturers provides direct access to the major consumer brands portfolio and constantly updated product information. This content service platform offers system-to-system opportunities for brands and retailers. 

The platform provides efficient solutions for manufacturers that have to comply with common technology standards and retailers’ taxonomy. The industry-standard technology ensures quality service and is mainly focused on customers (this content provider is open to all existing customers of the brands that are engaged in the system).

Who Provides The Content To The Content Providers? 

Content service providers merge with online stores, sales platforms, manufacturers, brands, distributors, and various vendors. CSPs accumulate product data into their repositories, manage it and provide the retailers with regularly updated, verified, and enriched product content.

How Do CSPs Enrich The Content?

After the product data is aggregated into content service platforms, you or the CSP team can enrich the information with additional data, verify it, update, and check its structure. It’s possible to edit brand features, add rich content, such as pictures, videos, tutorials, reviews, product demonstrations & comparisons, and others. Certain content as a service providers can offer tailor-made tools for specific types of product data to bring even more opportunities for content enrichment: product comparison instruments, online consultations, product comparison tools, and many others. 

How Do CSPs Keep The Content Up to Date?

Content service providers are responsible for keeping the product information up to date, so it regularly goes through verification processes. Since content service provider CSP is integrated with the brands’ and manufacturers’ systems, all the updates and changes are synchronized and the product data is regularly updated. 

The third-party automation instruments, such as Gepard Syndicator, with its advanced content mapping tools, provide real-time updates of product content using REST API.

Content As a Service Providers For Suppliers 

Content service providers are vital for brands and manufacturers who want to increase brand visibility and recognition and speed up time to market with the help of quality product content services.

CSPs are acting as a bridge between suppliers and retailers, and are helping manufacturers to establish better relationships with distributors and retailers and save time and energy spent on retail management.

The content services platforms also help suppliers better understand product data requirements set by different retailers, and, as a result, brands can adjust to retailer sales standards faster and significantly expand their markets.

Content As a Service Providers For Retailers 

CSPs that can adopt a wide range of suppliers, are especially useful to reduce time to market for retailers and distributors and to receive in-depth comprehensive content from brands. The enhanced product information, adjusted to the retailer’s standards and taxonomy, increases sales and helps the distributors to outdo their competitors. 

Tradeplace’s CSP Capabilities For Suppliers And Retailers 

Tradeplace Capabilities For Retailers And Brands

For suppliers, Tradeplace helps to build business strategies to operate in a competitive market, reach new customers, keep up with the latest eCommerce trends, bring down operational and IT costs and improve their product information management by decreasing the number of data-related errors.

For retailers, the platform helps to sell faster and expand to new markets, quickly react to business opportunities and new market trends, offer a wider range of products and services, optimize business workflows and cut IT and operating costs. The content provider enhances customer satisfaction and helps you build business strategies to retain customers and acquire new ones.

Use Cases of Tradeplace

The platform helped Hisense, one of the leading Chinese electronic manufacturers, improve its procurement processes with the Direct Connection feature. The e-ordering platform simplified the complex order process and processed massive volumes of orders in real-time. It also facilitated an inventory process and helped the customers to complete purchases faster.

BORA, an exclusive designer of kitchen appliances, joined the Tradeplace order management system, which brought significant benefits to its marketplace position. Now all the order changes are processed automatically, which reduces the delivery time for end consumers.

MediaMarkt’s collaboration with Tradeplace helped to optimize the transformation of data from brands to MediaMarkt retailers. It helped suppliers provide the retailers with up-to-date structured product content that can be used both online and offline. 

Elkjøp, AO, Miele, Moccamaster, Sodastream, and many other electronic industry manufacturers enjoy the benefits of the automated product data distribution to retail platforms. 

Business Verticals Covered by Tradeplace

Tradeplace is one of the top digital content providers for the following industries:

  • Consumer electronic industries
  • Household appliances
  • Industrial & consumer electronics
  • Medical electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Information technologies and services etc

Brands Covered by Tradeplace

(AEG, Ariston, Arthur Martin Electrolux, Atlas, Balay, Bauknecht, Beko, Bosch, Constructa, Electrolux, Faure, Frigidaire, Hoover Candy, Husqvarna, Gaggenau, Glen Dimplex, Ignis, Indesit, Laden, Lynx, Maytag, Miele UK, Neff, Parkinson Cowan, Rex, Scholtès, Siemens, Tricity Bendix, Volta, Whirlpool, Zanker, Zanussi, Zoppas, Liebherr UK, Philips Personal Health Europe, Samsung, LG Electronics and TP Vision).

How Retailers Can Join Tradeplace

Any company can join Tradeplace free of charge and participate in different activities for brands and retailers. The only exception is the after-sale on-demand service that requires payment. The CSP platform is easy to use and navigate, however, you might face challenges of adjusting product data from Tradeplace CSP to retailer’s taxonomy, as well as pushing data to the retail platforms. That’s why you may need the help of a third-party eCommerce solution to synchronize the data from Tradeplace with your online store.

Gepard PIM Connector to Tradeplace

Gepard-Tradeplace Integration

Recently, Gepard has launched a direct connector to Tradeplace. This means that we can easily integrate eCommerce businesses with Tradeplace CSP and help brands & retailers to deliver high-quality product content in an adjusted format to various webshops. 

We can enable a Direct Connection for all companies selling in Europe. One of the major benefits of Gepard Direct Connection to Tradeplace is that it is done via XML messages in real-time 24/7.

Currently, we can synchronize such product information between Tradeplace and online stores:

  • Order and Order confirmation
  • Product availability
  • Product price
  • Quotation
  • Order status
  • Catalogue
  • Product information
  • Shipping notification

Gepard-Tradeplace connector works as follows:

Here is a more detailed scheme covering product data exchange protocol:

Tradeplace Data Exchange Protocol

Connect to Tradeplace With Gepard 

Ready to conquer the eCommerce world but struggling with your product information management? Gepard helps you easily integrate product data from different content providers and automatically deliver it to various marketplaces. No more manual work and costly data errors – only efficient solutions and strategies for your business.

Expand your markets with Gepard – book your personalized demo now.

How To Push Product Content To Tradeplace

Alina Virstiuk
Written by Alina Virstiuk
Guest Author
Passionate about travelling, books & photography. Enjoy working with new things and meeting people from all over the world.

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