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Content That Matters. Retailer & Brand Dilemma

Who is responsible for creating and managing product data? Retailer or Brand? How to distribute product content to retailers with no stress? Check the session by Sergey Shvets, CEO at Gepard to find the answers.

youtube Duration: 19 min

Key Moments

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:41 What is product taxonomy?
  • 03:31 Key challenges in the content journey
  • 05:11 How to control content quality
  • 09:15 How to deliver the product data
  • 10:30 Retailer & Brand dilemma
  • 13:08 How to solve product content challenges

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What Is A Product Content?

  • Basic info & logistical information
  • Marketing texts
  • Product features & reasons to buy
  • Specs
  • Video & Assets (PDF, leaflets, manuals, etc.)
  • Relations and configurations
  • Rich content aka A+ content
  • Reviews

What Is A Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is a way of categorizing and structuring the content on the products. It is a way to define the content schema and bring the structure into the product content. Taxonomy defines the space or a pattern in which content can be created, measured, validated.

The Key Challenges In The Content Journey

  1. Data quality.
  2. Single source of truth.
  3. Content exchange & syndication.
  4. Сompany-specific challenges.

How To Control Content Quality: Content Qualities & How To Manage

  • Completeness – Validation.
  • Accuracy – Workflows.
  • Granularity – Taxonomy.

How To Deliver The Product Data?

  • Excel templates.
  • Brand portals.
  • APIs.
  • Content Service Providers.

Retailer & Brand Dilemma. Managing The Expectations

Brand side: 

  • Content itself.
  • Quality & Governance.
  • Delivery Consistency across channels.
  • Minimum of a manual work.

Retailer side: 

  • High coverage of appealing content to convince buyers.
  • Effortless content intake.
  • Content up to requirements.
  • Personal marketing touch on the content.

So How Do We Sort It Out?

Solution for brands:

  1. A PIM that is flexible to support your taxonomy requirements.
  2. Automate data delivery and data intake.
  3. Develop and support your content flow. Typically: R&D, Marketing, Creative & Quality Assurance departments.
  4. Support your partners with their content requirements.
  5. Be prepared to create unique content for retailers.
  6. Measure your content performance.

Solution for retailers:

  1. Automate data imports & focus on creative work.
  2. Work with multiple content sources.
  3. Set up the right content flow/lifecycle.
  4. Centralize taxonomy management.
  5. Research on your customers cognition.
  6. Explain brands your content expectations.

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