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Yevheniia Kurchavova - Best PR Manager At Gepard PIM
PR & Communications Manager at Gepard
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Feedspot Featured Top 20 PIM Blogs on the Web: Gepard PIM Are In

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Published: October 19, 2023
Updated: November 21, 2023

We are humbled to share that Gepard’s Blog has been recognized by Feedspot panelists as one of the Top 20 PIM (Product Information Management) Blogs on the web. This distinction reflects our earnest effort to share valuable, informative, and relevant content for eCommerce and retail businesses.

At Gepard, our primary goal has always been to share knowledge and insights about PIM, ensuring that our readers have access to the latest industry best practices and trends. We deeply appreciate this recognition from Feedspot and the continued engagement from our readers.

Feedspot basically discovers, categorizes, and evaluates blogs, podcasts, and influencers across numerous niche categories. It assesses various PIM blogs based on factors such as content quality, social media influence, Google ranking, consistency, and expert panel reviews.

Being part of this list underscores our dedication to offering valuable insights related to the PIM market. Our blog delves into a myriad of topics, including:

  • Recent updates in the PIM industry
  • Effective product information management practices.
  • Key insights into eCommerce, data syndication, product data enrichment, and digital transformation.
  • Client case studies and their success narratives.
  • Guidance on optimizing the use of the Gepard PIM solution.

Yuliia Honcharova, CMO of Gepard, expressed her gratitude, noting, “Our enduring commitment is to assist eCommerce businesses in leveraging the benefits of PIM solutions for operational efficiency, enriched customer experiences, and sustainable growth. A sincere thank you to our readers for their unwavering trust and support.”

We are truly motivated by this acknowledgment. We remain committed to continuously enhancing the quality and relevance of our content for our readers.

Yevheniia Kurchavova - Best PR Manager At Gepard PIM
PR & Communications Manager at Gepard
An accomplished digital PR and Communications Manager. Her expertise lies in crafting targeted communication strategies that help businesses establish a strong online presence across different countries. At Gepard Yevheniia is responsible for managing the company brand's online reputation. This includes creating engaging content for the target audience, developing digital PR campaigns, and building relationships with key media outlets.

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