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What Is Mattermost?

Mattermost is a messaging platform that provides users with comprehensive tools to collaborate, centralize communications, and create custom workflows. Launched in 2015, Mattermost has a free team edition with limited features designed for non-technical users and an enterprise edition that offer advanced security, messaging, and scalability for organizations.

Mattermost serves as a valuable tool that allows businesses to manage communications and improve their operations to boost sales. Its features include 1:1 and group messaging, file sharing capabilities, access controls, search and filter functions, customizable branding, employee database, and integration support.

Mattermost Benefits

  • Real-time alerts and synchronization;
  • Content management capabilities;
  • Video conferencing and instant messaging;
  • Usage analytics tools;
  • Enhanced communication and data flow;
  • Efficient workflow management;
  • Complete control over own data;
  • Access to activity tracking.

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