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Get real-time updates on sales-related triggers and seamlessly connect your Slack with numerous retail platforms and apps using the Gepard connection.

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What Is Slack?

Slack is a messaging software where teams can collaborate or exchange ideas through instant messaging or video and voice calls. With over 2400 supported apps in its directory, Slack allows eCommerce businesses to integrate with core systems and automate routine processes such as new order notifications, cart abandonment, and new product announcements.

By scaling repetitive activities, Slack enables you to centralize communications across your distribution channels, manage requests, and improve performance. Its key features include workflow builder, channels, advanced search filters, file sharing, notifications customization, custom responses, setting reminders, and app integrations.

Slack Benefits

  • Real-time notifications on order status and workflow triggers;
  • Centralized eCommerce communications;
  • Extensive integration support;
  • Instant messaging;
  • High customization options;
  • Comprehensive search modifiers;
  • User-friendly mobile and desktop interface;
  • Multilingual support for 11 languages.

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Use Gepard connection to securely integrate Slack with numerous retail platforms to automate eCommerce communications and workflows.

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