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7 Best Examples Of eCommerce Product Video Marketing

7 min read
Published: July 22, 2022
Updated: February 9, 2023

In comparison to photography, the world of product videography operates under entirely different norms. You need to pick up your product visual marketing game if you want to keep up with the trends.

With Instagram just declaring that it is no longer a “photo-sharing platform” and pushing hard for Reels to compete with TikTok, the video medium is taking off swiftly. Numerous businesses are developing original strategies to maintain engagement on the social media platforms that we enjoy scrolling through.

Thus, let’s check the 7 best examples of eCommerce product video marketing.

What Is A Product Video?

A marketing film called a “product video” displays its qualities, advantages, and practical applications. Product films and animations are frequently used on sites to persuade customers to purchase. However, depending on the type, you may advertise them elsewhere to raise brand awareness.

Reasons For Investing In Product Videos

Possessing quality images is the initial step. You must seriously invest in marketing and keep up with video marketing trends if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

The following are some justifications for why your online store needs to produce product videos.

Consumers Enjoy Watching The Content To Understand More About Products

Customers love watching product footage to understand more about them since they may convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. 69% of potential consumers prefer watching visuals over reading other sorts of marketing content.

You may produce material that is both educational and entertaining, which is a big plus. The fact that customers are searching for them when they want to learn more about you and your company also helps.

Establish Credibility And Build Consumer Confidence

Including product videos on your eCommerce website can be a terrific approach to establishing credibility and increasing customer confidence. Many online buyers believe that eCommerce businesses may be trusted if they offer diverse visual content as well.

Read more about the importance of visual content for retailers:

Visual Content For Retailers
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Importance of Visual Content: Ultimate Guide for Retailers

Discover the types of visual content online retailers should use and learn how Gepard can enrich their product information.

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Customers will be able to trust businesses that are willing to use recordings or animations to demonstrate how their products look and function in real life. And, as a result of watching videos, many people are more confident in what they ordered. This significantly lowers the likelihood that they will need to return it.

Videos Make Potential Customers Engage More

Product videos are able to hold your clients’ attention because they may convey more information in a shorter amount of time than other types of material.

Customers visit websites with visual content more frequently for this reason, which is another positive one. In fact, an eCommerce website that features product videos sees a 340% increase in session length.

Because they allow customers to discover more about you and your items, you’re getting increased customer interaction.

Increase Your Store’s Traffic

Excellent product materials also have the ability to increase the number of visitors to your website and improve its SEO ranking.

Google includes a variety of material on its results pages, such as blogs and visual content. Video is less competitive in certain aspects because it requires more work to produce. It requires a different kind of competence than the overly crowded field of blogging, at the very least.

According to research, pages with video content saw a 157 % rise in organic traffic. Additionally, after watching a demonstration of your product, customers are 46% more likely to look for more information about it.

Your Conversion Rates Are Considerably Increased By Video Stories

The main advantage of product videos is that they increase conversion rates, which is what matters the most. This also includes Google’s Topics API.

Many consumers claim that appealing visual content is one of the most crucial elements when making an online purchase decision. Thus, watching as you are describing a product increases the likelihood of making a purchase.

Lower Return Rates

Making returns easy and providing the choice to do so are two essential elements of succeeding online.

The biggest obstacle to purchasing something is the inability to try it out before making a decision. Allowing returns lowers the risk of purchasing by providing consumers with a safety net. To assist customers to understand your product for what it is, use demo movies on your product pages.

The intention is to persuade people to purchase, but it may also deter purchasers who find something they wouldn’t have with only photographs. Although it may seem contradictory, dissuading customers from purchasing a product will lower return rates and, eventually, save you money.

Should I Invest In Video Marketing?

Examples Of Eye-Catching Product Videos


Every pair of Adidas shoes features a video or a 360-degree rotating view of the sneaker. Adidas produces some of the best product demonstration movies because they keep things straightforward, tidy, and useful.

The model walks and poses while wearing the shoes to demonstrate how the shoe appears and moves with the foot. This is crucial for runners since they depend on the specifications of their shoes to keep them safe over time.

Adidas uses a play symbol and adheres to best UX practices by integrating the video within their image gallery so that visitors can recognize the film for what it is.


Some eCommerce footage doesn’t even appear like product videos. Consider what Legos is now employing for their classic set as an example.

The video doesn’t discuss the Legos themselves. This is because it’s reasonable to assume that everyone is familiar with Legos.

It gives information on the many types of legos in the set and their sizes in relation to the actors’ hands. Legos also showcase some of the inventive works made possible by their set and creative mind.


Nespresso product videos present a scenario about how your life would be better if you buy one for yourself.
Epic visuals make you feel as though you are actually there. Holding a cup of coffee from the Nespresso machine and taking in the morning wind as if you were the actor.

IKEA Place

The new augmented reality app from IKEA is a creative way to improve the experience of buying furniture. Before purchasing anything from any of 10 distinct designer collections at home or online stores, customers can utilize the IKEA Place App on their phone, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

The product video does an excellent job of describing how it operates. Additionally, it includes some helpful instructions on what customers should do if each item cannot be placed comfortably side by side.

Videos To Increase Organic Traffic

Sephora’s Sugar Beauty

Stop-motion is the ideal format for makeup product videos, and Sephora makes the most of this with their Sugar Beauty stop-motion clip. It is brief, pleasant, and colorful, yet it also has a peculiarly gratifying aesthetic.

This type of video is excellent for social media as well because it is both bright enough to capture the eye and brief enough to maintain interest.

Zendesk Sunshine

The CRM platform Zendesk Sunshine, which facilitates working with clients, is introduced in the recording. With the addition of live-action films and animated typography, the video combines 2D and 3D visuals in an appealing way.

The features are used to draw the user’s attention to particular features and effectively explain them.


We are increasingly embracing technological solutions to simplify our lives on a personal and professional level. More software product videos and greater platform possibilities are the results of this.

You may organize your usual activities, chores, and other obligations with the help of the task management mobile app Todoist.

Every frame transitions to the next in about 20 seconds, capturing the audience’s full attention and keeping them transfixed until the last minute. The seamless transitions, gripping plot, and strong narration are all intended to engage the audience.

Where To Post Your Videos

You may be pondering the best way to use this content in your e-commerce marketing campaigns now that you’ve produced it. Here are some ideas:

  • Newsletter: Adding it in newsletters can increase click-through rates and add intrigue.
  • Organic social media: You can upload video content on your organic social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, to increase engagement and draw users.
  • Homepage: By putting a video on your website’s homepage or storefront, you may highlight your eCommerce brand’s best-selling products or host an explanatory film.
  • Search ads: Paid digital advertising on third-party websites, such as through Google or retargeting, can be effectively delivered through video. In order to facilitate consumer shopping, these films connect back to your page.
  • Social ads: To turn films into social ads, pay for placement on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. These advertisements, like other paid digital advertising, can link back to your product page to make it simple for customers to make purchases.
  • Product pages: To build customer confidence and boost conversion rates, show your customers the product in use while they browse your page. To increase the views, try placing it first, above the images and text.

Where To Use Video Content?

Managing product pages manually requires a lot of time and increases the number of data errors and inaccuracies. Employing automation, especially with a product information management solution like Gepard PIM, can solve this problem by enabling data validation, enrichment, and syndication across numerous sales channels.

Start Using Product Videos

High-quality videos require an investment. Planning and filming involve time and money, and if you want to spread its reach, that investment will grow.

But it’s a financial commitment worth making. Even though shopping online is ubiquitous, it might be difficult to put your trust in a new retailer. Luckily, it is possible to go through that barrier and attract more buyers by using product videos.

How To Manage Data For My Product Videos?

Nina Petrov
Written by Nina Petrov
Nina Petrov is a content marketing specialist, passionate about graphic design, content marketing, and the new generation of green and social businesses. She starts the day scrolling her digest on new digital trends while sipping a cup of coffee with milk and sugar.

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