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Denys Kurylov
Written by
Denys Kurylov
Technical Writer at Gepard
Gepard Updates PIM PIM software release notes

Release Notes: Multi-Brand Data Pushes Activated, Improved Product Tracking, And Much More!

4 min read
Published: April 19, 2022
Updated: February 9, 2023

As with any new features release, we are eager to share what practical value it brings to our clients! Let’s dive into the main updates of April’s deliverables.

Richmond Interiors Connector Is Launched

Have Product-Related Data Automatically Downloaded From The Manufacturer’s Database, Displayed & Kept Updated On Your Webshop

The Gepard team has focused on developing a data import-and-export automation tool. The solution covers connecting the manufacturer’s database to the webshop to keep the product-related information up-to-date.

It is named after the manufacturer, Richmond Interiors, which it has been originally developed for. The tool links the webshop to the manufacturer’s database. It retrieves up-to-date product data and uploads the data onto the webshop. This automation solution provides for unmanned updating details of existing products and adding new products’ data on the webshop.

For retailers who sell Richmond Interiors’ products, this connection can become an opportunity to facilitate the product data exchange process by connecting with the supplier’s database directly via the Gepard platform.

Connect with Richmond Interiors

Multi-Brand Data Pushes Activated

Group Several Brands In One Feed File

The Gepard developers changed the logic in the feed generation, group the brands to parent and sub-brands, and add a UI to the application. The multi-brand data push feature is a part of the Data Output and Assortment Rules Modules.

In the UI, the user can group brands by assigning a sub-brand to its parent brand. As a result, the data from the content provider will also be grouped and delivered in one feed to the webshop.

To assign a parent brand to its sub-brand:

In Export drop-down menu, select Brands and click on Update.

Multi-brand data push PIM

In the field Parent brand start typing in the brand name and select the required name from the list of suggestions. The selected parent brand will be assigned to its sub-brand to have a joint data feed.

Assigning parent brand in PIM system

Improved Product Tracking

Track The Reasons Why Products Are Excluded From The Data Feed

On its way to the output data, going through the stages of content import, data transformation and data output, a product can be for some reason excluded from the final data feed. Now it is possible to see the reason: a CSV export data flow report is created and attached to the relevant pipeline log.

To view or download the CSV report, click on the applicable pictogram in the Export log.

Export Log in PIM System

Advanced Back Ups

Keep Your Import Files Backed Up And Ready To Have Them Restored

In creating an import, when a file is uploaded, its duplicate is created, with all uploaded files saved in the history.

Should a need arise to restore an uploaded file, go to Import Configurations -> Update Configuration and download the required file by clicking on the Download pictogram in the Actions column.

Advanced back-ups

Streamlined Units Operations

Controlling Units In the Output File Made Simple

The user may need to have a unit name hidden in the output file. Previously, the Gepard’s developer had to be involved to make the setting in the file template. Now, the required unit name can be hidden by the user through a mouse click.

Simply check or uncheck the box Units in output to have the unit name included in or excluded from the output.

Controlling Units in PIM system

Managing Units in Mapping Has Become Few Clicks Faster

The Button Units Collection Has Been Removed.

Instead, its logic has been moved to:

  • Main unit single-value dropdown that sets/changes the main unit for the feature;
  • Additional units multiple-value dropdown specifying the additional units usable for the feature.

Product Data Mappings in PIM system

Simplify Your Product Content Management — Try Out Gepard PIM

Gepard Product Information Management System enables brands to freely exchange product marketing content and helps retailers to onboard and adapt their content in an effective and automated way. With advanced Product Data Syndication module allowing easily adjust internal product data taxonomy to the numerous sales channels requirements and distributing output data in a few clicks, Gepard PIM has become indispensable tool for many eCommerce companies.

Market leaders such as GS1, HP, Dell, Opple Lighting, MediaMarkt, Elkjop, Lazada have chosen Gepard to ensure their continuous expansion. Contact us to have a guided demo and discover your eCommerce growth opportunities that Gepard may offer.

Unlock Gepard PIM

Denys Kurylov
Written by Denys Kurylov
Technical Writer at Gepard
Denys serves as a mediator between the technical team and Gepard clients, ensuring smooth communication and making difficult things simple. He is in charge of preparing Gepard's technical documentation, how-to guides, release notes, and other instruction manuals. He is passionate about new technologies, languages, and communications.

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