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What Is ASIN?

ASIN means Amazon Standard Identification Number. This is an exclusive set of ten characters that retailers can leverage to manage and keep track of their inventory.

What Does An Amazon Number Look Like?

The amazon number comprises letters and numerals. B07PSBFDZS is an excellent ASIN example.

When To Create A New ASIN Or Use An Existing ASIN?

Creating a new ASIN only comes into play when you want to sell products that do not exist on Amazon. Otherwise, Amazon’s ASIN creation policy states that you must use the existing one if the eCommerce giant has the item in its ASIN database.

What Are The ASIN Lookup Tools?

Three of the most popular examples include:

  • Synccentric
    Synccentric is a tool that allows vendors to match their product codes to Amazon’s product register. Traders can now find the ASIN number Amazon without much hassle, saving energy and time.
  • Asintool
    With Asintool, traders can find ASINs and other exclusive codes tied to the products they are looking to sell. One search query can be done for a single or multiple products. Once the results are generated, the data results are available for download.
  • Gepard Product Content Syndication Software
    Gepard eliminates the stresses of manual searches, automating the entire ASIN search process. Its data synchronization software leverages data mapping to ensure all your product’s data are as required by Amazon. Once you collect the information you need in a CSV file, the software will convert this data to conform to Amazon’s structure.

How To Get An Amazon ASIN Number?

Open the selling page on Amazon and click on the ‘Add Product’ section. This is where the marketplace stores product ASINs. Additionally, you can find this code in the product information section. After you have gathered this data, contact Amazon to accept your product listing.

What Is ASIN On Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions About ASIN

Why is Amazon ASIN important to sellers?

It aids in inventory management. It also makes it less cumbersome for buyers to find products by presenting only relevant results.

How are product ASINS URLs from Amazon structured?

Amazon URL > Name of product > details page > ASIN

What is a reverse ASIN lookup?

This is a strategy where you gather ASINs that other key industry players in your niche use and leverage a reverse ASIN generator to generate the right keywords that competitors take advantage of to bring their products right in front of their target audience.

Can I delete Amazon ASIN?

No. Once the ASIN code Amazon is created it cannot be deleted. They will be available on the platform’s catalogue.

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