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Add-On Item On Amazon

What Is Add-On Item On Amazon?

Add-On Items (AoI) are the products available on Amazon at a low cost but can only be purchased when the total value of your shopping cart reaches a certain threshold, typically $25. They usually include small, lightweight, and inexpensive offers that would be economically unfeasible to ship individually. By bundling them with other purchases, Amazon can reduce shipping costs and offer customers better deals.

How To Buy An Add On Item On Amazon

Answering the question of how to buy an add-on item on Amazon, firstly, we need to meet the minimum order value threshold specified by Amazon. This can be done by adding standard products to your shopping cart until the combined order value meets or exceeds the required amount. Once the threshold has been reached, you can add any Add-ons to your cart and proceed with checkout.

Those “extras” are normally tagged with the blue “Add-On Item” badge displayed on the product page. Also, don’t forget to check the shipping details section on the individual product page for confirmation.

Examples of Add-on Items

  • Small household products, such as cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, and stationery;
  • Personal care products like toothpaste, razors, and makeup;
  • Snacks and food, such as granola bars, tea bags, and spices;
  • Baby products like small toys, pacifiers, and wipes;
  • Accessories, including phone chargers, earbuds, and USB cables.

Advantages of Add-on Items

Cost Savings For Buyers

AoI’s offer significant savings for customers by allowing them to purchase low-cost things at a discounted price. By bundling them with larger orders, customers can save on shipping costs and take advantage of special deals for everyday essentials.

Increased Revenue For Sellers

Sellers also benefit from AoI’s by potentially increasing the average order value and encouraging clients to buy “extra” to reach the minimum order threshold. This extra revenue can help offset the costs associated with offering low-priced products and enable sellers to offer a broader selection of products.

Eco-Friendly Shipping

By bundling low-cost AoI’s with larger orders, Amazon can reduce the environmental impact of shipping these products. This approach not only saves on shipping costs but also results in less packaging waste and fewer emissions from transportation.

Add-on Items Drawbacks For Sellers

While AoI’s can provide benefits for both buyers and sellers, there are some drawbacks for sellers to consider. These include potential issues with inventory management, fulfillment requirements, and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management Challenges

Offering AoI’s can increase the complexity of inventory management, as sellers must track and stock a larger variety of products. In addition, such products may be more susceptible to fluctuations in demand, making inventory forecasting more challenging.

Increased Fulfillment Requirements

Because Add-on Items are often small and lightweight, they may require additional packaging materials and labor to ensure they are securely shipped with the rest of an order. This increased fulfillment effort can result in higher costs for sellers, potentially offsetting the revenue gains from offering AoI’s.

Customer Satisfaction Risks

The restrictions associated with Add-on Items, such as the minimum order threshold, may cause frustration for some customers who wish to purchase these items individually. In some cases, this dissatisfaction could lead to negative reviews or lower overall customer satisfaction scores.

How to Avoid Products to Become Add-on Items

Price your products above the typical Add-on Item threshold. By pricing your items above the threshold, you can ensure they won’t be considered for the AoI’s.

Bundle products together to create a higher-value item. By offering a set of related products as a single unit, you can increase the overall value of your product and avoid the Add-on designation.

Offer additional value-added services or features with your product. By providing extra benefits, such as personalized customization or premium materials, you can elevate the perceived value of your product and avoid the Add-on classification.

Add-On Item FAQ

Why can't I buy an add on item on Amazon?

Add-on Items can only be purchased when your shopping cart reaches a certain order value threshold, typically $25. If you’re asking why can’t I buy an add on item on Amazon, it’s likely because your other purchases do not meet the minimum order value.

How to buy an add-on item on Amazon?

To purchase an Add-on Item, first ensure that your shopping cart order value meets or exceeds the required threshold amount, typically $25. Once your cart has reached the minimum value, you can add the Add-on Item to your cart and proceed with checkout.

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