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What Is BOPIS?

BOPIS, or “Buy Online, Pick up In-store” is a retail strategy that allows customers to purchase products online and then pick them up at a physical store location. This method combines the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of in-store pickup, and it has become a popular option for clients who want to avoid shipping fees and delays.

How BOPIS Works

The BOPIS retail process starts with a customer browsing an online store and selecting the items they want to purchase.

When they’re ready to check out, they choose the “pick up in-store” option instead of having the items shipped to their home.

This prompts the client to select a nearby store location where they can pick up their order, usually within a specific timeframe.

Once the order is placed, the retailer’s system sends a notification to the selected store location, where employees then gather the ordered items and hold them for the customer.

When the client arrives at the store to pick up their order, they typically go to a designated BOPIS order area or a service desk, where they present their order confirmation and identification.

After verifying the information, an employee hands over the items to the client, completing the transaction.

Examples Of BOPIS

Many well-known retailers offer BOPIS services to their customers. Some examples include:

  • Walmart: Customers can order items online and pick them up at their local Walmart store, often within a few hours of placing the order. Walmart also offers a grocery pickup service where clients can order groceries online and have them loaded into their cars at the store.
  • Target: Target’s “Drive Up” service allows customers to place an order online, then pick it up at a designated parking spot outside the store. Employees bring the ordered items to the customer’s vehicle, eliminating the need for the customer to go inside the store.
  • Home Depot: The home improvement retailer offers BOPIS services for a wide range of products, from tools and appliances to lumber and building materials. Customers can place their order online and pick it up in-store, typically within the same day.

BOPIS Challenges

Despite its convenience and potential benefits, BOPIS eCommerce does come with some challenges for both customers and retailers:

  • Inventory management. Retailers must have accurate, real-time inventory tracking systems in place to ensure that items are available for in-store pickup when promised.
  • Order fulfillment. In-store employees must efficiently and accurately pick, pack, and hold every BOPIS order, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Communication. Retailers must provide clear, timely communication with customers regarding order status, pickup location, and any potential delays or issues.

Benefits Of Buy Online, Pick Up In-store

Increased foot traffic

Offering BOPIS services can help drive customers to brick-and-mortar locations, increasing foot traffic and potentially leading to additional in-store sales. When customers come to pick up their online orders, they may browse other items in the store and make impulse purchases.

Improved customer satisfaction

BOPIS can enhance the shopping experience by providing customers with the convenience of online browsing and the immediate gratification of in-store pickup. This can help meet the needs of both online and in-store shoppers and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Reduced shipping costs

By allowing customers to pick up their online orders in-store, retailers can save on shipping costs and reduce the risk of lost or damaged packages. This can lead to cost savings for both the retailer and the customer.


Does Home Depot offer BOPIS?

Yes, Home Depot BOPIS is offered for a wide range of products. Clients can place their order online and pick it up in-store, often within the same day.

Does BOPIS mean the same as click-and-collect?

BOPIS in retail and click-and-collect are essentially the same concept, with both terms referring to the process of buying products online and picking them up in-store. However, “click-and-collect” is more commonly used in the United Kingdom, while BOPIS is more prevalent in the United States.

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