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Cart Abandonment Rate

What Is Cart Abandonment Rate?

The cart abandonment rate translates to the number of shoppers who add items to online trolleys but leave the eCommerce site without completing the intended purchase. They can be window shoppers or users who genuinely wanted to buy the selected items but opt to forgo the same due to pain points.

Cart Abandonment Rate Calculation

The shopping cart abandonment rate is usually expressed as a percentage. With that in mind, you’ll need to divide the number of successful purchases by that of the total created carts within a specified period. After that, subtract the value that you get from one before multiplying it by 100.

Here is a mathematical expression for cart abandonment rate calculation:

Cart Abandonment Rate= 1 – (Total purchases/Total carts) * 100

What Are Some Reasons For High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

Users can abandon their trolleys before buying the intended product due to:

  • Hidden buying costs: Other costs popping up at the check-out stage may prompt the shopper to abandon their trolley.
  • Irrelevant user information fields: some buyers may not be willing to disclose personal information, such as house number, hence abandon online trolleys if that is required to buy a product.
  • Expired or missing coupon codes: a user may have visited your site through a coupon link. If the code doesn’t work they’ll likely abandon the cart.
  • Unsatisfactory return policy: Consumers want explicit and easy-to-understand return policies before they buy any product online.
  • Slow websites: a website that crashes or takes endless hours to load will probably prompt the consumer to abandon the shopping trolley and look for a user-friendly alternative.

How To Improve Cart Abandonment Rate?

You can reduce the cart abandonment rate or eliminate it altogether in your eCommerce store by:

  • Adding progress indicators at the checkout stage to motivate consumers to complete the check-out process;
  • Enhancing navigation experience from product pages to the checkout stage;
  • Optimizing web pages to load faster;
  • Offering multiple, seamless payment options;
  • Offering comprehensive and easy-to-effect return policies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cart Abandonment Rate

What is a good shopping cart abandonment rate?

The average cart abandonment rate that is considered good by most retailers is a value that falls between 60% and 80%. However, a site that offers a seamless and user-friendly checkout process should have a lower cart abandonment rate of at most 20%.

Why is cart abandonment rate an important web metric?

Cart abandonment rate is a critical web metric as it gives insights into what might be turning away visitors from the online store, and by extension, what might be hurting the revenues.

How to find cart abandonment rate in Shopify?

Here is how to find and calculate cart abandonment in Shopify:

  • Launch your Shopify admin panel;
  • Click “orders”;
  • Click “abandoned checkouts”;
  • Express it as a percentage using the formula above.

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