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What Is Domibus?

It is an open-source, extensible, and scalable eDelivery Access Point (AP) software. It enables secure and reliable data exchange between various parties within a network.

Where Domibus Is Used

It is primarily used for secure data transmission with the EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) database, as well as European Union institutions, national administrations, businesses, and other organizations.

How Domibus Works

  • Employs AS4 safety protocol;
  • Ensures reliable messaging and data delivery, even when one party is temporarily unavailable;
  • Supports message encryption and digital signatures;
  • Provides interoperability between different systems and organizations;
  • Offers a modular architecture for easy customization and extension;
  • Facilitates secure and traceable exchange of documents and other information;
  • Enables end-to-end message monitoring and auditing;
  • Supports message compression for efficient data transfer;
  • Allows for automated message processing through configurable business rules;
  • Offers flexible deployment options, including cloud and on-premise solutions.

How Domibus Works With EPREL Database

  • Connects with the EPREL for data exchange on energy labeling and eco-design;
  • Facilitates the sharing of product information between manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders;
  • Streamlines compliance with EU energy efficiency regulations;
  • Automates the submission and retrieval of product information;
  • Enhances data accuracy and reduces discrepancies;
  • Simplifies market surveillance and enforcement processes;
  • Supports secure and encrypted transmission;
  • Encourages eco-friendly product innovation and development;
  • Promotes transparency in the supply chain;
  • Fosters collaboration among industry participants;
  • Enables easy monitoring and reporting of energy performance;
  • Contributes to overall energy savings and sustainability goals.

Who Uses eDelivery Access Point Software?

  • Public administrations (government, municipal, communal, etc.);
  • Private organizations;
  • Businesses involved in cross-border information exchange;
  • ​​Healthcare providers and insurance companies;
  • Educational institutions (universities, schools, research centers);
  • Financial institutions (banks, credit unions, investment firms);
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations;
  • Legal and regulatory entities (law firms, compliance agencies);
  • Transportation and logistics companies;
  • Manufacturing and industrial enterprises;
  • Retail and eCommerce businesses;
  • Energy and utility companies;
  • Telecommunication providers;
  • Media and entertainment organizations;
  • Tourism and hospitality industry players.

Benefits Of AP & Domibus

  • Secure and reliable information transmission;
  • Improved efficiency and reduced errors in communication;
  • Enhanced privacy and protection;
  • Streamlined collaboration between different parties;
  • Simplified integration with existing systems;
  • Greater interoperability across diverse platforms;
  • Faster data exchange and processing;
  • Reduced operational costs through automation;
  • Increased transparency and traceability;
  • Scalable architecture for future growth;
  • Facilitated compliance with industry standards;
  • Support for multiple message formats and protocols;
  • Customizable features to meet specific requirements;
  • Encourages adoption of standardized frameworks;
  • Promotes trust among participating organizations;
  • Contributes to the development of a digital single market.

Domibus FAQ

Does Gepard use Domibus in the EPREL connector?

Yes, Gepard does. It ensures efficient and compliant reporting. It provides the following benefits for the clients:

  • Secure data exchange. Ensures that sensitive information is transmitted securely between parties, safeguarding clients’ data.
  • Reliability. Guarantees reliable messaging and data delivery, even when one party is temporarily unavailable, minimizing disruptions in communication.
  • Compliance. Helps clients maintain compliance with EU regulations regarding energy labeling and eco-design.
  • Efficiency. Improves efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors in communication, saving clients time and resources.

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