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Digital Shelf Monitoring

What Is Digital Shelf Monitoring?

Digital shelf monitoring entails tracking various sets of product information across multiple channels to ensure accuracy and consistency. These sets of data can be product listings, rankings, or even promotional metrics from retailer sales channels.

Why Monitor Your Digital Shelf

Understanding what is digital shelf monitoring can open many opportunities for your business. Implementing it eliminates the cumbersome task of manually checking your product listings across multiple sites to determine whether they are accurate.

What Are Digital Shelf Monitoring Benefits?

Integrating a digital shelf management tool comes with tons of benefits, such as automating the process of confirming product limits. This frees your staff to focus on high-volume tasks that add value to the brand, as well as enhance customer experience.

Other benefits include gaining insights into digital shelf metrics for brands, which can help gauge the performance of various sales campaigns. At its core, digital shelf monitoring allows retailers to map product information on the right touchpoints for greater visibility.

What To Monitor Within a Digital Shelf

Businesses can monitor and analyze various types of data to enhance digital shelf optimization.

This includes:

  • real-time rating and review data sets to help retailers ideate new product launches;
  • product listings data to enhance online visibility;
  • average product completeness and coverage by geo;
  • sales and performance information, based on the underlying marketing campaigns.

Average product completeness

This might also extend to potential customer search data.

What Are Some Digital Shelf Monitoring Cases?

Digital shelf monitoring ensures that eCommerce businesses continually operate efficiently while maximizing the visibility of their products. Some use cases on digital shelf monitoring include sales breakdown where businesses can get insights into the number of sales, the leading retail site, underperforming listings, or even satisfied demographics.

Another use case includes customer reviews where businesses can get buyer insights from segmented feedback collected across multiple sales channels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Shelf Monitoring

Can Digital Shelf Monitoring help me optimize digital shelf?

Digital shelf monitoring can be instrumental in digital shelf optimization, thanks to the real-time data and insights it gives from all connected sales channels.

Can digital shelf monitoring help me to get more insights into my customers?

You can get more insights from your customers by utilizing a digital shelf monitoring tool to analyze aggregated feedback from multiple sales channels.

What software to use for Digital Shelf Monitoring?

The right software tool for digital shelf monitoring should be easy to integrate with your existing tools, as well as offer swift scalability options.

Gepard PIM offers an opportunity to track your product data with the help of digital shelf monitoring feature.

Who uses digital shelf monitoring?

Digital shelf monitoring is for any retail business that wants to act on real-time customer insights and scale.

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