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Product Discovery

What Is Product Discovery?

Product discovery is the action chain that allows online shop users to find the commodity they’re looking for and suggesting them other commodities that can be useful.

Let’s consider the most popular product discovery questions.

Why Is Product Discovery Important

With a personalized commodity exploring journey, you can help users find exactly what they are looking for, not just what your similar clients liked in the past. It increases the chance that each visitor will likely buy from your brand instead of your competitors. This directly affects the ultimate goals of any business – increasing revenue, user satisfaction, and the number of loyal clients.

What Is Product Discovery Process?

The product discovery process is a set of user actions that show how your visitors and future clients find and discover your commodities in your online store.

Challenges In eCommerce Product Discovery

  • Rapidly changing needs and demands of customers.
  • Difficulty with providing relevant search outcomes to the user.
  • Income loss because of the poorly designed UI and lack of design testing.
  • Ability to process complex natural language phrases or even to handle misspellings.

Benefits Of Quality Product Discovery

  • Increasing the revenue. Creating a user-friendly discovering journey provides a seamless way to discover and purchase directly affects your income level. It raises such KPIs as CLTV and AOV due to the simple and intuitive UI/UX.
  • Increasing client loyalty. Through deep insight into and understanding your clients, you can create customized product-exploring journeys. This, in turn, will make your clients feel that your eCommerce brand pays attention to them and cares about them.
  • Increasing average order value (AOV). In a well-configured product discovery system, where the commodity results during the search are compatible with the user’s unique desires and interests the client prone to spontaneous purchases. It leads to increasing the average check.
  • Getting deep insights about your business. By analyzing the data about what your clients are searching for at your store you can predict future trends, manage inventory more efficiently and make your business decisions more intelligent.

How To Conduct Effective Product Discovery

  • Create the most user-friendly navigation, filters, and search that you can.
  • Create a holistic product exploring strategy including advertising campaigns and mobile-friendly design.
  • Conduct design testing with potential customers of your store.
  • Optimize your product search with autocomplete, filtering, customer reviews, and navigation.
  • Put personalized promos and social content on the main page.
  • Analyze every page on the ability of easy product exploring.
  • Monitor and perfect the product exploring experience with collected data via heatmaps.

Product Discovery FAQ

How to do product discovery?

  • Create a detailed product discovery strategy.
  • Find tools that will help you to make the best search experience.
  • Implement the best practices we talked about above
  • Constantly analyze and improve the commodity exploring process.

What are the consequences of poor product exploration in eCommerce?

Facing poor product exploration in your eCommerce store your potential clients will feel the gap between what they need to purchase and what they are able to find. If the user didn’t find the right product after 1-3 attempts they will prefer your competitors and most likely will not come back to you anymore. Thus, you lose profit and make a bad impression of your brand.

What are the most popular product discovery tools and technologies?

Based on G2 the following tools and technologies help in eCommerce product discovery: Luigi’s Box, Segmentify, Unbxd, Yext, Elastic Enterprise Search, Coveo, and AddSearch.

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