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What Is PXM (Product Experience Management)?

PXM is a concept where brands take a customer-centric approach, providing a centralized structure of product data across various platforms. It works more like an ERP system that unifies a company’s business processes, only that this one focuses on the information of products, leveraging AI and machine learning tools to provide the optimal product experience that is dynamic and tailored to the consumer’s needs across all commerce platforms.


What Are The Primary Business Advantages Of A PXM System?

A PXM solution:

  • Improves the overall customer experience.
  • Takes the omnichannel shopping concept to the next level, providing precise information on a company’s products, where and when it is needed.
  • Offer tailored experiences, providing cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Make targeted product recommendations, which significantly increases conversions.

When A Business Needs PXM

PXM is ideal for:

  • Businesses looking to capture the attention of a prospective buyer and maintain it throughout the sales cycle.
  • Companies looking to make more sales and revenues by providing valuable product data across all business portfolios.

Frequently Asked Questions About PXM

Who uses PXM systems

PXM systems are ideal for brands that sell products in physical stores, on social media, eCommerce platforms, and website. Basically, across multiple channels in the commerce ecosystem.


Product Information Management (PIM) is a system that handles and controls the information of products and organizes business processes, ensuring the data across all their commerce marketing platforms is of high quality. Product Experience Management (PXM), on the other hand, provides customized and contextualized product information to consumers, with the aim of building an exceptional product experience and increasing sales.

Why use PXM system?

PXM systems allow brands to provide an excellent personalized product experience which, in turn, boosts sales. It also encourages positive product feedback from clients, minimizes product returns, and generally, improves customer satisfaction.

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