Gepard PIM Solution

  • Solves most product data-related problems.
  • Saves you from manual work.
  • Improves product time-to-market.
  • Reduces costs of data management.
  • Enriches the customer experience.
Product Information Management


Gepard product information management workflow
is simple and clear.


Use product information management software to create a single source of truth for product data: structured and standardized.


Seamlessly improve and enrich your product data. Easily update product content in a smooth workflow.


Adapt all your product information to retailers’ requirements using intelligent data mapping algorithms and keep it up-to-date.


Let eCommerce PIM flawlessly push your product data to multiple marketplaces. Obtain a competitive advantage to deliver your data faster.

Gepard PIM Benefits

Single Source Of Truth

Product information management system helps you to centralize and structure all your content in a single place. Communication between departments is streamlined and aligned.

Faster Time-to-Market

With immediate product content updates and fast connection to new channels, you speed up time-to-market, gain successful customer experience management, and outperform the competition.

Reduces Manual Work

Gepard automates major data-related processes and releases you from copy-pasting or the tedious management of product information spreadsheets.

Solution Overview

Spend Less Time On Making Retailers’ Templates

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Ready-Made Connections

Integrate Gepard With Marketplaces, Retailers, Content Providers, and other eCommerce Platforms.

Take Your Data Management to the Next Level With Gepard PIM!

Automated and simplified data-related processes, intelligent data mapping, content syndication, and a user-friendly interface make Gepard a powerful tool for your business.

Entrust your data to our dedicated specialists and our team will empower you to stay competitive in the ever-changing eCommerce world.

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