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Denys Kurylov
Written by
Denys Kurylov
Technical Writer at Gepard
Gepard Updates PIM PIM software release notes

May Release Notes: SDK For Faster Integrations, Content Prioritization From Multiple Sources, And More!

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Published: May 30, 2022
Updated: February 9, 2023

May is coming to an end, and that means we are pleased to share the major outcomes we have been working on at Gepard PIM!

SDK For Faster Connector Development

Gepard’s Connector SDK Makes Integrations With Gepard SaaS PIM Platform Way Easier

To ease and speed up the job of connecting your system to the Gepard SaaS PIM Platform, we have developed a Connector’s SDK (software development kit). The kit is designed for both the Gepard team and third-party developers and allows to leverage the benefits of faster integrations into the Gepard SaaS Platform, less writing code for the client, predictability of the connector behavior, and the reliable and tested code quality to name a few. The SDK is on GitHub, available, and ready for building a connector between your webshop and Gepard PIM Platform.

Prioritization Of Product Content From Multiple Sources

Build Your Product Content From Multiple Data Sources

Our development team has extended the platform operations to cover building your product content from multiple data sources. Now the user can take several content data sources to build in a few clicks the required product content as complete and rich as possible. A new module, Data Transformation, has been developed to enable transforming data from several sources simultaneously. Depending on the completeness of the data sources and the requirements to the final data feed, the user can set the priority of the content from one of the data sources. In the UI, the order in the list of content data sources will be used to prioritize the content taken for mapping, data transformation, enrichment, and syndication.

product content prioritization

Optimized Icecat Content Generation

Speed Up Icecat Content Generation & Reduce Load On The Platform

Gepard PIM is committed to continuous improvements of the platform, even those of technical value, invisible to end users. The development team has improved the operation of MongoDB in processing the content from Icecat. The result is a faster operation of the content generation command and decreased load on the platform’s MongoDB.

Enhanced Product Variations Management

Let Your Buyer Have All Your Product Variations To Choose From

Now Gepard PIM has been extended to support product variations in addition to the parent products. A product variation is a modification of its parent product, where some of the variation’s properties or values differ from those of the parent product. For instance, a parent product “Rowenta vacuum cleaner” may have its variants “Rowenta vacuum cleaner, white” and “Rowenta vacuum cleaner, black” which differ from the parent in their ids, color, as the case may be, features (e.g. additional accessories), and image gallery/media.

Within the data transformation and output, Gepard PIM finds in the data source a parent product and its variations and merges them to have the full data content available on your webshop to your visitors for enjoyable shopping.

managing product variations

Make Your Product Content As Complete & Rich As Possible – Gepard PIM At Your Disposal

We keep tailoring Gepard product information management solution to make the process of building and enriching the product content easy and up to our clients’ expectations. Our latest platform’s development is targeted to simplify the transformation and enrichment process of the product content from multiple sources. With the introduction of the product variations feature, you are able to display on your product shelves all available product options that will result in your customers’ enjoyable buying experience and your growing profit.

Contact us to have a guided demo and discover your eCommerce growth opportunities that Gepard may offer.

Denys Kurylov
Written by Denys Kurylov
Technical Writer at Gepard
Denys serves as a mediator between the technical team and Gepard clients, ensuring smooth communication and making difficult things simple. He is in charge of preparing Gepard's technical documentation, how-to guides, release notes, and other instruction manuals. He is passionate about new technologies, languages, and communications.

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