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Anna Mrynska
Written by
Anna Mrynska
Business Analyst at Gepard
Cyril Dorogan Gepard PIM E-Commerce Consultant
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Implementing Product Information Syndication Software: 8 Best Practices

4 min read
Published: November 28, 2023

According to Google research, 85% of surveyed shoppers emphasize the significance of product information and images when determining their choice of brand or retailer for purchase. This number shows that accurate and coherent product details are the linchpins of customer engagement and operational efficiency, which, in turn, amplify a business’s digital footprint and revenue streams.

This discourse unpacks eight cardinal practices for optimal product information syndication. We’ll dissect the nuances of data governance, the potency of AI in data configuration, and the rewards of automation. Furthermore, we underscore the significance of instantaneous data updates, the sanctity of data quality, the mandate of compliance, the revelations of analytics, and the vision behind scalable, future-ready data systems. These methodologies, when adeptly applied, metamorphose product data syndication from a routine process into a pivotal business asset.

What is a Product Information Syndication Software?

Product information syndication software is the nucleus of digital commerce, ensuring unified and precise product data dissemination. This technological conduit guarantees that every depiction of a product, whether through text or imagery, is uniform and current across all consumer touchpoints.

As products populate a plethora of digital storefronts and catalogs, the integrity of product information is paramount. This software automates the propagation of product details, curtailing manual discrepancies and bolstering operational productivity.

The adaptability of this software to the distinctive formats required by varied sales channels is crucial for expansive market reach. They are the bedrock of trust in eCommerce, pivotal for an omnichannel approach to deliver a frictionless and consistent shopping journey.

8 Best Practices For Implementing Product Information Syndication Software

Product information syndication software stands as the cornerstone for businesses aiming to refine their digital presence. This isn’t just about distributing information; it’s about curating a data lifecycle fortified with features that guarantee precision, adherence to standards, and operational excellence. These functionalities form the supportive framework for a business’s growing and evolving requirements, enabling a smooth flow of product data.


  • #1. Clear Data Governance Strategy

A definitive data governance strategy is essential for effective product data syndication. It outlines policies, processes, and benchmarks for data management, ensuring consistency, compliance, and order.

Solutions like Gepard provide a robust approach to data stewardship, maintaining up-to-date product information that meets regulatory demands and industry standards, thereby avoiding issues that can harm customer trust and profitability.

What Is Product Data Governance
7 min read
Maryna Tarasenko
Product Information Management

Product Data Governance Framework For B2B eCommerce

Data governance is a vital process of setting up guidelines that deal with data management and ultimately lead to a path of business scalability.

data governance product data product information management


  • #2. AI Data Mapping and Transformation

AI data mapping and transformation are vital in product data syndication, enhancing data management efficiency and accuracy. These AI tools interpret, categorize, and convert product data for different sales channels, reducing manual errors.

Gepard PIM AI Mapping Feature
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Sofia Kondrat
Gepard Updates

Gepard PIM Introduces New AI Mapping Features

Let's embark on a journey to explore what AI mappings are, how they function, and the multitude of benefits they bring to your operations.

Gepard Gepard Updates PIM product content tools


  • #3. Streamlined Automation and Workflow Management

While automation reduces manual tasks and errors, workflow management ensures efficient data processing and syndication. Best practices include automating data entry, data validation checks, and scheduling product updates. So, product information syndication software should offer customized workflows that maintain data integrity, speed up time-to-market, and enhance customer experience.

Gepard Features Hub: Product Data Validation For eCommerce
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Maryna Tarasenko
Product Information Management

How PIM Tool Simplifies Product Information Manager Flows

Learn how the PIM tool can automate prosuct data-related tasks and simplify product information manager flows.

PIM PIM software product information management


  • #4. Real-time Data Updates for Agility

Real-time data updates are crucial in today’s dynamic business environment, keeping product information accurate and enhancing customer experience. This capability allows businesses to quickly respond to market changes, maintaining competitiveness. For instance, during high-traffic events, real-time updates can adjust inventory and prices promptly.

8 Main Challenges In Product Content Distribution
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Product Information Management

Product Content Distribution: 8 Main Challenges

Discover the 8 main challenges & best practices in product content distribution and how a PIM tool can address them.

product content syndication product content tools product data product information management


  • #5. Data Quality Assurance

Data quality assurance is key in the product information syndication process, ensuring accuracy and brand integrity. It involves automated and manual checks for data veracity, consistency, and completeness. This prevents issues like incorrect product details, leading to costly returns and consumer distrust.

What Is Flexible PIM?
11 min read
Maryna Tarasenko
Product Information Management

PIM As An Ultimate Data Quality Booster. How Flexible Is Your PIM Solution?

How to make sure a PIM solution you are looking to adopt would perform to the max and bring sales-boosting results in the field? Here’s a guide on the main properties of a flexible PIM tool.

PIM PIM software product information management


  • #6. Compliance and Security

Compliance with data protection regulations and ensuring data security are critical. Protecting data against breaches and meeting regulatory standards are essential for maintaining credibility and legality. Businesses must adopt robust encryption, system updates, and data access policies.

PIM Solutions Privacy & Security Challenges
7 min read
Sergii Shvets
Product Information Management

PIM Solution Privacy & Security Challenges

Explore the most popular PIM product data security & privacy challenges and learn how to fix them with our detailed list of data safety tips.

eCommerce eCommerce security PIM PIM software product data product information management


  • #7. Performance Monitoring and Analytics

Performance monitoring and analytics are essential for evaluating the effectiveness of product data syndication. It provides insights into product performance and data quality issues, guiding strategic decisions. Monitoring key performance indicators helps identify and rectify issues, optimizing syndication strategies.

Digital Shelf Monitoring Advice
11 min read
Yuliia Honcharova
Product Data Syndication

Digital Shelf Tips: Monitoring Your Product Data Syndication

Learn how advanced PIM solutions help eCommerce retailers reach digital shelf excellence and efficiently monitor product data.

digital shelf digital shelf analytics product content syndication product data


  • #8. Scalability and Future-Proofing

Scalability and future-proofing are crucial for data syndication solutions to adapt to business growth and market changes. Solutions must handle increasing data volumes and complexities without losing performance. They should be flexible, integrate new technologies, and anticipate market changes. Gepard’s scalable solutions ensure that businesses can adapt to future needs and market dynamics.

What Is Product Data Syndication?
8 min read
Alina Virstiuk
Product Data Syndication

End-to-End Product Data Syndication Strategy

Product data syndication strategy solidifies consumer trust in a product and ultimately builds a strong brand. Learn how online businesses can grow with a syndication strategy handled by PIM software.

product content product content syndication product data



Gepard Syndication – Migros Case Study

Migros, a leading retail company, faced significant challenges in managing its vast product information across the different sales channels they use. The complexity of their needs stemmed from a large and diverse product portfolio that required precise and consistent data management to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Gepard PIM stepped in to address these challenges with its state-of-the-art product information management and syndication solutions. The primary obstacle was the integration and harmonization of product data from various internal and external sources to create a single source of truth. Gepard’s advanced data mapping and transformation tools were implemented to standardize data, making it suitable for distribution across Migros’ sales channels.

The process involved setting up automated workflows that could handle the volume and variety of Migros’ product data. Gepard’s systems were configured to enable real-time updates, ensuring that any changes in product information were immediately reflected across all platforms. Additionally, a robust data governance framework was applied to maintain high data quality and compliance with industry standards.

Migros benefitted from improved operational efficiency, reduced time-to-market for new products, and a noticeable enhancement in data quality. This led to a better customer experience, as shoppers had access to accurate and reliable product information, resulting in increased customer trust and higher sales conversions.
Sergey Shvets
Sergii Shvets
Founder & CEO at Gepard

Migros case illustrates the transformative impact of effective product data syndication. It serves as a testament to how the right partnership and technological solutions can solve complex data challenges, enabling businesses to achieve their strategic goals and cater to the evolving demands of the digital marketplace.


Effective product data syndication is a multidimensional challenge that requires a strategic approach to ensure success. The eight best practices outlined in this article provide a roadmap for businesses to enhance their product information management and distribution.

Implementing the above-mentioned practices can lead to improved data accuracy, faster time-to-market, enhanced customer satisfaction, and ultimately, a stronger competitive edge. Businesses that prioritize these aspects of product information syndication can expect not just to survive but to thrive in the evolving landscape of eCommerce. Therefore, companies should consider these practices not as optional extras but as fundamental components of their product data syndication strategies, integral to their growth and success in the digital marketplace.

Contact us and discover how we can help you to implement product information syndication software.

Anna Mrynska
Written by Anna Mrynska
Business Analyst at Gepard
Seasoned and dedicated expert with over 8 years of experience in IT across business domains. Has a proven track record of understanding and translating customer ideas and requirements into actionable project plans.

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