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Off-Page Optimization

What Is Off-Page Optimization?

It entails having your eCommerce links on other websites, usually of higher domain authorities to redirect users to your product pages. In a broader meaning, off-page SEO refers to all other external factors that can enhance your eCommerce site ranking, whether backlinks or social media mentions.

How To Do Off-Page Optimization In eCommerce?

You can use an off-page optimization tool to get insights into relevant primary keywords, as well as secondary key phrases for use in H1 and H2 tags.

The trick lies in using these keywords where you think they are the best fit and relevant to the end user. Alternatively, you can use keyword-centric anchor text links within the content on your eCommerce page, especially if they are do-follow links.

What Are The 3 Most Important Off-Page Optimization Factors?

The three most important factors of off-page optimization in an eCommerce site include:

  • The number, as well as the quality of other links — the more the number of outbound links, as well as quality, the higher your eCommerce page will rank in SEO;
  • Authority of the inbound link domain and page — the higher the SE ranking score, the better the chances of improving your SEO ranking numbers;
  • Trustworthiness of the inbound linking page — search engines will recommend a site that has backlinks from a trustworthy website that can offer relevant information to customers.

Best Long-Term Off-Page Strategies In eCommerce

Long-term strategies will ensure that your eCommerce site is more visible to other Internet users for years, especially if you get it right from the start. Strategies for this approach include:

  • Backlinks: You can reach out to internal media outlets or niche websites and partner with them to include backlinks to your eCommerce site in their frequently visited content pages;
  • Guest blogging: You can write content for other blogs and include backlinks to your site. You only need to find a suitable site with a higher SE ranking score and you are good to go;
  • Social media optimization: This entails creating and posting compelling or interactive content that can drive consumer engagement. Alternatively, you can hire industry influencers within your niche to drive social media CTAs.

Best Short-Term Off-Page Strategies In eCommerce

Most strategies require plenty of time and effort. But the good thing is that you can also get started with quick fixes and improve your eCommerce site’s ranking. Here is an off-page optimization checklist for short-term strategies:

  • Backlinks in online social forums and Q&A sites, such as Quora;
  • Courtesy links from image attributions;
  • Link exchange with alike players in your respective niche.

Frequently Asked Questions About Off-Page Optimization

Why is off-page SEO important in eCommerce?

Off page SEO optimization is important in eCommerce as it helps build a reputation by enhancing credibility and trustworthiness.

Is on-page or off-page SEO more important?

Although both strategies are instrumental in improving the ranking of your eCommerce site, experts recommend paying more attention to on-page SEO before proceeding to off-page optimization.

What is on-page SEO in eCommerce?

On-page SEO in eCommerce entails optimizing web pages to enhance their ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

How long does it take Google to enhance off-page SEO metrics?

Businesses can start noticing the effects of an off-page SEO campaign within six months, especially if they know how to do off-page optimization the right way.

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