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Seasonal Holiday Marketing Campaigns From Famous Brands In 2023/2024

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Published: January 11, 2022
Updated: February 14, 2024

Christmas marketing campaigns are a great way to help with gift shopping. There’s no denying that finding presents for all their loved ones can be stressful for consumers. Especially after all the 2020 commotions, you’d want to give something special to cheer people up and find a few lovely gifts under the tree yourself.

The end of the year is by far the busiest time, with pre-Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and, of course, pre-Christmas shopping. It would be best if you started preparing your marketing campaigns way in advance before consumers even start to think about these holidays.

It’s fair to say that the holiday season is also a race between brands, and some have been heading it with creativity. Let’s see how some of the famous brands power up their holiday campaigns and find a solution or two for your own brand.

What Are The Most Creative Types of Holiday Campaigns For eCommerce?

Here are a few top examples of marketing campaigns for 2024:

  • Walmart, Macy’s, Amazon, and Apple offer gift guides and finders to make the shopping experience more fun and simple.
  • Starbucks is running a free creative gifts campaign to engage with customers.
  • Google is all about games for every occasion and offers its annual Santa Tracker to tap into the Christmas cheer.
  • Coca-Cola and Dunkin’ Donuts UK offer limited seasonal products series, giving buyers a chance to get something special.

Now let’s look at the marketing campaign ideas in detail.

Santa Tracker – Google’s Gaming Marketing Campaign

Where’s Santa? Google knows even that feeding into the user-generated idea that Google knows everything.

The idea of tracking St. Nickolas isn’t new. Did you know that the Continental Air Defense Command Center (CONAD) was the first to track Santa’s whereabouts? It all started with a misprint in a Sears department store’s Coca-Cola ad campaign of 1955 that encouraged children to call Santa Clause, but the wrongly printed phone number directed them to the Command Center. Next year, CONAD decided to track Santa’s location and share it on TV and radio.

Coca Cola Campaign 1955

A couple of years later, NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defence Command) supported this movement on traditional media till 1997 when they launched a website.

Google jumped the game in 2004 as a small project, but now it’s a big annual event engaging 500K users back in August 2020. The game’s culmination is on December 24 when all visitors can watch St. Nick’s voyage around the world.

But before that, you can explore Santa’s Village and see the Nordic couple work away making presents along with the gang of elves or reindeers training for the all-around globe race.

Google Santa Tracker

Additionally, the Santa Village offers mini-games you can enjoy whilst await Christmas Eve.

Tip: Can you integrate a Santa tracker into your next Christmas campaign? Why not go as far as to merge it with your standard order tracking for holiday shopping? Pretend that Santa’s got their order for presents and get your customers more excited about gift-giving.

Gift Finder And Gift Guide Campaigns From Walmart, Amazon & Macy’s

User-generated gift guides are a popular type of content, but eCommerce websites are also trying to simplify the shopping experience on-site. Some go as far as to offer a unique gift-finder experience. Let’s see how such campaigns work in three online stores.

Walmart’s Gift Finder Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

Walmart is storming several marketing channels to improve the holiday shopping experience with their “Joy. Fully” campaign. Aside from the usual Gift Finder tool that allows buyers to filter potential gifts by age and category, they are also using technologies to make it more unique.

Walmart Gift Finder

What’s particular about the campaign is that the eCommerce platform has partnered with Facebook to use its AR technology. It’s an interactive lens that tracks facial expressions when browsing for presents to catch which items appeal to users the most. Then, they can shop for these specific items on the Gift Finder.

Walmart Gift Finder AR

Amazon’s Gift Guide Christmas Campaign

Amazon has a fantastic algorithm for catching your tastes. The more you use the platform and buy items, the more it learns about your preferences. For the Christmas season, the platform offers a nice assortment of goods that are suitable for gifting.

Amazon Gift Finder


This helps immensely because customers spend time shopping in a specific category instead of browsing the endless number of pages or figuring out what a friend or relative might want. Aside from the item categories, like stocking stuffers or electronics, the products are also organized by deals and budgets starting from under $10.

Amazons Christmas Gifts

If you click on any of the categories, they have subdivisions to make the search even more precise.

Macy’s Gift Finder Holiday Campaign

Macy’s gift guide is plainer than Amazon’s, offering standard, albeit well-curated, categories, like For Her, For Him, and Tech.

Macy Gift Finder

On the homepage of the Gift Finder, you can see the estimated delivery date.

Macy's Christmas Gifts Deliver

And thanks to Macy’s collaboration with Toys R Us, you can also shop for your children by age.

Macy's And Toys R Us Collaboration

Apple’s Gift Finder Marketing Campaign 2021

A lot of people would love to get an Apple product as a Christmas present, so the company made shopping for such gifts a bit easier. The Gift Finder page shows the most popular items and interesting deals.

Apple Holidays Gifts

Users can also shop by categories – in Apple’s case, by applications like Photo & video or Entertainment.

Free Creative Gift Campaign From Starbucks

Starbucks knows how to make a seasonal treat and a collectible item. Aside from the products you can buy in-store, 2021’s highlight is a game that promises pieces up for grabs with every play. The grand prize is Starbucks for Life – a namesake of the campaign – that’s available to ten lucky winners. This means that ten people will get a daily credit for one beverage or food item for the next 30 years.

Other gifts include bonus stars, as well as one-time offers for food and drinks.

Starbucks For Life

Limited Seasonal Products From Coca-Cola+Sprite+AHA And Dunkin Donuts

Rolling out seasonal products isn’t a new concept, yet there’s room for creativity every year. Let’s take a look at two inspirational campaigns.

How To Create A Marketing Campaign Collab: Coca-Cola + Sprite + AHA

Some campaigns are better and more interesting to do in collaboration. A good example is the one that Coca-Cola’s Discover Real Magic, Sprite’s Holiday Verified, and AHA’s AHA-liday Moments have created.

Coca Cola Holiday Campaign

Sparkling beverages are associated with a festive meal for many people, and the brands promote new wintery flavors. They also encourage customers to try out the bubbly drinks in cocktails and mocktails.

Sprit Holiday Special


If you check out each brand’s landing page, you’ll see them cross-marketing each other.

AHA Holidays Sparkling Water

Dunkin’ Donuts UK

Dunkin’ Donuts keeps up with the game and have released a range of drink flavors and donut toppings that are only available at Christmas. You can even order the honeycomb-flavored – their choice for 2021 – desserts delivery from the website, which they offer in partnership with UberEats and Deliveroo.

Dunkin Donuts Christmas

How To Prepare For Your Next Holiday Campaign

The holiday marketing campaign examples are quite inspiring, but if you’re going to prepare for your next campaign, you’d want to make the most of this time. That’s where Gepard’s product information management system (PIM) comes in.

Say you decide to prepare a gift guide or a limited product assortment. Our software can help you curate the list providing well-organized details about each item. Then, you can distribute the product information to all your eCommerce websites once the campaign is ready to go.

With Gepard, you’re more likely to:

  • Save time by cutting down on manual work;
  • Curate error-free product listings;
  • Enrich product descriptions with data to minimize product returns;
  • Distribute product information to different eCommerce platforms.

Want to learn more about Gepard PIM? Reach out to our specialists to get a personalized demo.

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Maryna Tarasenko
Written by Maryna Tarasenko
Digital Marketing Strategist
A passionate B2B marketing professional with solid expertise in integrated marketing communications, go-to-market strategy, and analytics, driven by marketing meaningful products to the world.

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