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Amazon A+ Content

What Is Amazon A+ Content?

This is a feature that lets vendors use high-resolution videos, illustrations, charts, and high-quality visuals to create detailed item descriptions, increasing the value of the trade items and boosting sales.

Who Can Use Amazon A+ Content?

  • 1st party vendors/brand owners that are enlisted in the Amazon brand registry.
  • Vendors on Amazon’s controlled selling platforms. Two of the most popular ones include Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives.

Rich Content Types

How To Create A+ Content For Your Listing

  1. Sign in to your Seller Central Account
  2. Click on the ‘Advertising’ tab then navigate to A+ content manager then Start creating A+.
  3. Fill in the template.
  4. Build your item descriptions by following the prompts, making sure you pick the right module that is ideal for your company.
  5. Type in texts and insert the relevant images. When doing the latter, you are required to add alt-texts.
  6. Navigate to the ‘Content Details’ page and add your ASIN as well as the language variations.
  7. Assess the accuracy of your texts and other descriptions by clicking on the ‘Review and Submit’ button. Click ‘Submit’ to forward your submission.
  8. Approvals take seven business days. However, you can expect slight delays when there are many submissions.

Here is a detailed guide.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon A+ Content?

  • Attention-grabbing texts, pictures, and videos entice customers into purchasing.
  • Well layered-out listings allow a prospect to skim through the descriptions easier and faster, elevating the shopping experience.
  • Eye-catching images promote product visibility, which positively impacts business revenue.
  • A+ content promotes product branding which boosts conversions.
  • Detailed trade item descriptions ensure consumers have an in-depth understanding of your trade items. That way, they can make sane purchasing decisions and prompt them to leave positive product reviews.

A+ Content For Online Retailers

How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

This feature is free. Though, the eCommerce giant offers premium A+ content at expensive rates and is offered to only those invited by the eCommerce platform.

How Does PIM Help Centralize And Enrich A+ Content To Streamline Processes?

Gepard offers a PIM tool that collects product data from various sources, puts them in a centralized repository for editing and updating. The application creates a catalogue, enhances the quality of product data and distributes this enriched information into other platforms.

How Can I Enrich My Product Data?

Frequently Asked Questions About A+ Content

What are the Amazon A+ Content guidelines?

These are the specifications that the eCommerce giant stipulates for the sole purpose of helping brands create precise and informative A+ content. Click here for detailed guidelines.

What are some best practices for creating Amazon A+ Content?

  • Analyze the distinguishing features of your merchandise and emphasize them.
  • Keep descriptions short.
  • Use texts in your pictures to highlight the product’s perks.
  • Ensure all visuals and illustrations are of high resolutions.
  • Be on the lookout for errors in your texts and proofread before you submit them for approval.
  • Add lots of visuals and keep texts to a minimum to end up with captivating item illustrations.
  • Ensure uniformity across your entire product catalogue.

Is Amazon A+ content indexed?

No. This means that you must add the keywords you use on your A+ content on other listings, to improve the product’s visibility

Is A+ Content worth the investment?

This depends on factors such as the current returns a brand gets from merchandise, if similar businesses use it, and the type of products you sell. If a product generates high revenues, it then becomes a worthwhile investment. The same applies if like companies are using it and if you have complex products that may need visuals to showcase their functionalities.

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