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Amazon Seller Central

What Is Amazon Seller Central?

Retail brands that enjoy greater market control and audience engagement on the Amazon eCommerce platform leverage Amazon Seller Central (SC) to market and sell their products directly to the end-user. Businesses with an SC account are regarded as third-party sellers.

How To List On Amazon Seller Central

Businesses need to register an active ASC account before listing their products for sale on Amazon. With different plans, such as Individual and Professional, businesses can sell hundreds to thousands of products directly to consumers and streamline the buyer experience.

Some of the requirements for opening an ASC account include:

  • a valid bank account number with an active routing number;
  • an identification document;
  • tax details;
  • a valid contact number;
  • a chargeable credit card.

How To Add a Product On Amazon Seller Central

Product listing on Amazon depends on your selling plan. For instance, the professional selling plan allows product listing and catalog uploads in bulk batches. On the other hand, an individual selling plan allows only one product listing at a time.

On top of that, your product will need:

How Much Does It Cost?

Retailers can pay varying amounts for products on Amazon, depending on their selling plan or type of goods. For instance, subscription fees include a $39.99 flat-rate monthly fee for a professional plan (regardless the number of units sold) and a $0.99 fee charged on every sold item for an individual selling plan.

Although the professional plan doesn’t feature item charges, they are various hidden fees that might come with complete purchases, such as shipping and FBA fees for products fulfilled by Amazon.

How To Advertise On Amazon Seller Central?

Businesses can leverage sponsored ads to increase their product visibility and penetrate larger target audiences on Amazon. Even better, regardless of your selling plan, you can enjoy up to $200 in free clicks before entering into a subscription plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Seller Central

How do I contact Amazon Seller Central by phone?

Active sellers on Amazon can log into their admin panels to contact the seller support assigned to their plan. This is only possible when logged in.

Where is Seller Central on Amazon?

Seller Central on Amazon is available at the settings icon under “Account info”.

How to create a case in Amazon Seller Central?

Opening a case on Amazon seller central requires the merchant to log into the system and click “help”. This will activate a pop-up box that prompts you to contact the Amazon support team to lodge your case.

How to upload video on Amazon Seller Central?

You can upload an video on Amazon Seller Central by visiting the Upload & Manage Videos page. However, ensure that your video meets all Amazon community guidelines and doesn’t infringe restricted products policy for a successful upload.

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