2 min read
CEO Notes

Remote Work Is Not Allowed Working From An Office. The Comma Challenge

My insights on working from home as a CEO of an IT company.

Content Creation Tools to Enhance Product Page
12 min read
Product Information Management

Enhance Product Detail Page With Top Content Creation Tools

Top tools to quickly enhance your product detail page: from product description to product images.

How Covid-19 Affected eCommerce
6 min read
eCommerce Strategy

Covid-19 Impact On eCommerce

Home regime during Covid-19 pandemic shifts buying habits. How eCommerce reacts to this? Which business areas will see a demand increase during coronavirus?

Tips For Work From Home During Quarantine
4 min read
Insights / Trends

Global Quarantine: Work From Home Tips During Covid-19

Learn how to work from home and stay productive during coronavirus outbreak.

How To Manage Amazon Feeds With AFS
3 min read
Retail Best Practices

AFS Amazon Program For Mastering Your Amazon Data Feeds

Learn what is AFS amazon program, how it helps managing product feeds, and how you can benefit on Amazon with data automation.


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How To Improve Product Content Description For SEO
6 min read
Product Information Management

Tactics To Improve Your Product Description SEO

Take these tips and get started to improve your product description SEO.

How Product Content Can Reduce eCommerce Returns
5 min read
eCommerce Strategy

How To Reduce eCommerce Returns With Rich Product Content

Learn about efficient ways to minimize product returns through product content optimization.

Retail Industry Evolution
9 min read
Insights / Trends

History Of Retail Industry: Going In Hand With Technology Development

In this post, let’s take a walk on the past of retail industry, analyze the trends we see today, and try to make guesses about the future.

Important Product Information Management Terms
4 min read
Product Information Management

12 Terms To Knock On Product Information Management Doors

Master product content syndication with an explicit guide to basic notions: from defining what is product content, digging deeper to more industry-specific ones.

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