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Liubov Pesotska
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Liubov Pesotska
SEO Specialist at Gepard
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PIM for Marketing: Full Guide [2024]

5 min read
Published: March 21, 2024
Updated: April 16, 2024

PIM for marketing is key in overcoming the challenge faced by 62% of marketers who struggle with using multiple measurement tools to gauge campaign performance. Product Information Management streamlines data management, enhancing marketing strategies by ensuring consistency and accuracy and elevating campaign effectiveness.

The adoption of PIM brings substantial advantages, including improved customer engagement and operational efficiencies, alongside better decision-making and increased sales.

Learn how PIM transforms marketing strategies with real-world success stories and insights. Discover the transformative power of integrating PIM into your marketing efforts to boost campaigns and foster growth.

What is PIM in Marketing?

In marketing, PIM (Product Information Management) refers to the process of managing all the information required to market and sell products through distribution channels. This includes detailed product descriptions, pricing, images, and specifications.

A PIM solution centralizes product information, streamlines product information management, and ensures consistency and accuracy across all marketing and sales platforms, thereby enhancing SEO, ensuring brand consistency, reducing time-to-market, enabling personalized marketing, and supporting data-driven decisions.

Key Benefits of PIM for Marketing

Key Benefits of PIM for Marketing

Product Information Management (PIM) is essential in enhancing digital marketing strategies, significantly impacting both PIM for marketing and sales. Here’s a closer look at the benefits:

Centralized Product Data Management: PIM serves as a unified repository for all product information, simplifying management across platforms. This centralization allows businesses to update product data across all channels efficiently. A typical example is retailers who manage vast inventories across online and offline platforms.

  • Improved Data Accuracy and Consistency: Ensuring accuracy and consistency across marketing channels, marketing PIM minimizes discrepancies in product details, thereby boosting brand credibility and consumer trust. This accuracy is critical in industries like electronics, where product specifications are crucial for consumer decisions.
  • Enhanced Product Content Management: With PIM, businesses can enrich their product listings with high-quality content. Fashion brands, for example, utilize PIM to distribute captivating images and detailed descriptions across eCommerce and social media platforms, engaging a broader audience.
  • Facilitation of Omnichannel Marketing: Omnichannel marketing strategy with PIM ensures a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints. Using PIM, companies can synchronize product information and marketing campaigns across online, mobile, and physical stores, enhancing customer engagement.
  • Streamlined Collaboration between Marketing Teams: PIM fosters collaboration by providing a central platform for product information access and updates, enabling marketing teams to coordinate efforts more effectively. This streamlined process leads to more cohesive and impactful marketing campaigns.

Best Practices for Maximizing PIM’s Marketing Potential

#1. Establishing data governance policies

To fully leverage PIM marketing, it’s crucial to set clear data governance policies. These policies should define who is responsible for inputting, managing, and updating product information, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all marketing channels. By establishing strict governance, companies can maintain high-quality data standards, crucial for effective marketing strategies and customer trust.

For detailed guidance on implementing these best practices in your PIM system, consider consulting specific industry resources or technology providers specializing in PIM solutions.

#2. Enriching product data for enhanced marketing insights

PIM marketing digital bridges the gap between straightforward product listings and engaging customer experiences. It’s all about enriching product data with details that paint a fuller picture: think crisp images, dynamic videos, and authentic reviews. For instance, leading online retailers transform each product page into a mini showcase, offering more than just an item to buy — they present a story, complete with customer experiences and vivid descriptions.

This method doesn’t just list features; it connects emotionally with shoppers, inviting them into a narrative where every product has its unique allure. Such a strategy not only captivates potential buyers but also equips businesses with deeper insights for refining future marketing efforts, making every piece of information count in crafting compelling, story-driven campaigns.

PIM Tool for eCommerce Product Data Enrichment
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#3. Utilizing PIM for personalized marketing campaigns

Using PIM digital marketing can really change the game of making marketing feel more personal. With PIM, companies can dig into detailed product info to create messages that really speak to each customer. It’s about looking at what customers like and what they’ve bought before, then using that info to show them products that fit their interests, like suggesting eco-friendly items to someone who prefers sustainable goods.

This way of personalizing messages doesn’t just make shopping better; it also makes people more likely to buy, showing how powerful PIM digital marketing can be in making connections that count.

#4. Monitoring and optimizing PIM performance

Monitoring and optimizing PIM for marketing and sales performance is like having a constant health check for your marketing engine. It’s all about diving deep into your PIM system’s data to see what’s working and what’s not.

For example, a company might notice that certain product pages are getting a lot of views but not many conversions. By analyzing this data, they could find that those pages have less detailed product descriptions or lower-quality images compared to top-performing pages. This insight allows them to update those pages to match the higher standards, potentially boosting sales.

Regularly checking on these metrics helps businesses fine-tune their strategies, making sure that PIM for marketing and sales doesn’t just work well today but continues to evolve and support growth over time.

Gepard Features Hub: Digital Shelf Analytics For eCommerce
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4 Key Performance Indicators in Digital Shelf Analytics Software

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PIM for Marketing Case Studies

GS1 Fashion Base Portal for Dutch Suppliers

The Gepard PIM solution for GS1, known as GS1 Fashion Base, significantly enhanced the effectiveness of marketing efforts for Dutch fashion suppliers. By providing a unified platform for data management, it allowed for seamless import, enhancement, and export of product data to resellers, specifically integrated with the Icecat content provider. This system offered key benefits for marketing such as streamlined data updates, a standardized data model ensuring consistency across products, and a simplified process for reaching resellers with accurate and up-to-date product information.

As a result, suppliers could enjoy shortened time to market and improved efficiency without the need for additional resources for data model upgrades, directly impacting their marketing and sales success.

Streamlining eCommerce with PIM: The Migros Success Story

The Gepard and Migros collaboration showcases the key benefits of PIM digital marketing in enhancing marketing strategies:

  • Automated Integration & Customization: The implementation of PIM digital marketing technologies automated the integration of product data from various sources directly into Migros’ system, tailored to their unique taxonomy.
  • Localization: Multilingual support facilitated by PIM digital marketing tools enhanced Migros’ marketing across diverse language groups.
  • Marketing Efficiency: The project exemplifies how PIM digital marketing can streamline operations, leading to quicker product updates and market launches.
    This summary underscores PIM digital marketing’s capacity to simplify and amplify marketing efforts through automation, customization, and efficient data management.

Future Trends and Innovations in PIM for Marketing

The future of PIM for marketing looks promising, with new technologies and changing customer behavior shaping how it’s used. We’re moving towards more personalized marketing, thanks to smarter PIM systems that know exactly what customers want. This means marketing will be more accurate and efficient.

For businesses looking to stay ahead, Gepard PIM, designed to make marketing efforts more effective is a great tool to explore. If you’re interested in learning more about what Gepard PIM can do for you, contact us and our team will help with all the details you need.

Liubov Pesotska
Written by Liubov Pesotska
SEO Specialist at Gepard
Has an experience in PR and SEO. Inspired by everything new: places, people, ideas. Believes in turquoise organizations and the power of community.

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